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Nov 15, 2015 - Stewart Island

Up and over the gravel mountain road back to paved roads and cell phone coverage. A couple hours later we arrive to Bluff at the southern end of the South Island. From here we'll take a one hour ferry ride south to Stewart Island. The ride was across calm seas with sunshine. The main town / harbour is picturesque Oban; population ~400 permanent residents; mostly fishermen or tourist trade employees, though there is a fish packaging operation adjacent to the ferry terminal which I think has about ten employees ! Oban has one...

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Feb 13, 2014 - Te anau

everything I wrote yesterday was lost so now trying again. Yesterday we came from Stewart island which was stunning. Today a coach trip through mountain passes to Milford sound for boat trip. No waves this time ! Miles and miles of rainforest and much of it unexplored.

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Feb 13, 2014 - Te Anau to Queensland

It was a lovely journey to Queensland today with a stop in Athol strangely for coffee. Views of mountain and lake for most of the time. From our room we walked along the trail into town which was meant to be 30 minutes. Double that would be a bit more realistic. We were too hungry to walk around the gardens so will have to go back. We got a bus back ! No danger of us doing a bungee jump though this is the place of choice if we changed our minds. The town is beautifully situated on the lake. Met a couple who live in Sydney though from here...

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Feb 12, 2014 - Stewart Island

Out for 5 hours on a boat trip to see magnificent albatross swooping around us saw five different ones NZ northern royal white capped buller,s and savins and one other I think ! I have posted a video on FB but can not do it on here though I will retry This was yesterday Today we drove to Te Anau e in the middle of beautiful mountains and we are going on another boat around Milford sound. Let's hope it is not as wavy as we go into the tasminsea Staying in a very nice lodge and can walk everywhere . I am glad we bought trousers and jumpers as...

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Dec 13, 2013 - Making the most of our last day of our "holiday" trip

Making the most of our last day of our "holiday" trip Last night's kiwi spotting trip was cancelled because 3 people cancelled and the trip was a no-go for just Dave and me. It was rescheduled for tonight...more details later in this entry. Ulva Island with Furhana and 3 others was the destination for the morning. Ulva Island has been made predator-free for quite a number of years. A number of rare endemic birds have been reintroduced to the area. Our mission was to find those endemic birds as well as some Stewart Island sub-species of...

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Dec 12, 2013 - A Three Penguin Morning

A Three Penguin Morning Furhana called around eight and said she had a fishing charter guy willing to take us out looking for sea birds. We ate a quick breakfast, and headed to town. Andrew was our captain/guide and seemed happy for the little bit of business that we represented. We had not gone 5 minutes and we saw Little (Blue) Penguins floating and diving in the water. Soon after we started attracting Albatross. The first priority was scanning the shore for Fiordland Crested Penguins just out of Oban. No luck on the way out. We headed...

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Dec 11, 2013 - Off to Stewart Island, Yet Another Flight

Off to Stewart Island, Yet Another Flight Our motel check-out was at 10, but our flight was not until 1:00, so we were pretty pokey about refilling the gas, checking in the car etc. Fortunately there was a video on Stewart Island playing in the waiting area of Invercargill's small airport. The little twin engine plane was cramped and full. I wouldn't want to take a flight of any more length in that plane. The plane was so loud that Marilyn had to plug her ears! Furhana, from Ruggedy Range met us at the flight office and took us to our...

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Nov 20, 2012 - Day 17 Te Anau to Stewart Island - Ferry from Bluff to Stewart Island

We drove down to Bluff, which is the southernmost city on the South Island. (We took note, as this would be where we leave on our Sub-Antarctic expedition next month.) From Bluff, we took a one-hour, high-speed ferry to our next destination, Stewart Island, in the town of Oban. We immediately took a water taxi to Ulva Island. Ulva Island is another sanctuary island where birds live in a predator-free environment. We got excellent views of many birds there and even were able to see some new ones. After dinner, we went out with a local...

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Nov 19, 2012 - Stewart Island

Nov. 17, 2012 We spent yesterday traveling from Te Anau to Stewart Island. It is not easy to get to. We took the Intercity bus to Gore where we had to switch to another bus bound for Invercargill. At Invercargill we had a 5 hour layover, but, as it turned out, there was plenty to do. At the I site was a museum that was most interesting. There were displays on the sub Antarctica islands and on the history of their failed colonization. It was not just those people who found their way to the island but also castaways whose only hope of...

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Dec 13, 2011 - Stewart & Ulva Islands, Dec. 12 - 13, 2011

The flight to Stewart Island, in a ten-passenger plane just like the one we’d flown to Milford Sound in, took about twenty minutes. I was again able to sit next to the pilot. It was a dramatically different flight from other one since we had no mountains to cross. After landing on the small airstrip, we were loaded into a van for the drive in to Oban, the only town on the island, where we were met by out host from Deep Bay Apartments. With a population, on the entire island, of 420, there is no mass transit! Lee, a retired teacher, drove us...

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Mar 3, 2010 - Stewart Island (and the trip to)

Feb. 20 Marianne: At the urging of a friend, we had booked passage on a boat going to Stewart Island, the furthest-south inhabited place in NZ. It is also the farthest south we will probably ever be. I had grabbed a seat on the back deck of the boat, binoculars ready to see seabirds. But 5 minutes out, the sea started kicking up. The Foveaux Strait, between mainland NZ and Stewart Island lies at 47º south, in a part of the ocean called "The Roaring Forties." Steve: And the day had been extremely windy, giving the sea a lot of time to build...

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Feb 26, 2010 - The Rakiura Track and Ulva Island

So, we’re finally on our way to the long awaited Stewart Island, which is the largest island outside of the two main islands. We had our plan to take the bus from Invercargill to Bluff (which is the southern most town at the end of the South Island) and then take the ferry (a twin hull catamaran holding probably 50 passengers) over to Stewart Island to the only town there - Oban, pop. 700. We left on a very rainy and windy day, so the ferry ride over was really rough - I mean hold a barf bag over your mouth rough! Fortunately, neither Bruce...

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