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Jun 24, 2005 - Whale-watching and other ways to make your children unhappy

After our last entry we had a major bust-up with our children. Not our first, certainly not our last but the biggest to date. We insisted on little things like one adult oriented meal a day, compulsory reading and diary entry before gameboy or ipod, and less fighting. It was tense. They went bed early in tears: we went to bed early in tears. To make matters worse we discovered that our site was situated on the mainline of the South island rail netrwork so we were all woken hourly by the freight trains from Picton to Wellington. But it was a...

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Nov 9, 2004 - Kaikoura

What an awesome place. We are in Kaikoura a small town north of Christchurch known for its abundant wildlife and plentiful seafood, especially crawfish (lobster without pinchers). Today we went whalewatching, rode bikes out to tidepools and seal habitat. It has been a wonderful day. More info on Sperm Whales Tomorrow we are catching a boat at 5:30 a.m. for a three hour trip to swim with the dolphins. The pods here are 150 to 300 dolphins. There are times when the pods are as big as 1000. Everyone who we have talked to says this is an...

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