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Nov 30, 2005 - Greymouth

Greymouth may not be the most exciting place, but we have to add it just so it's added to our map! Grey by name, and grey by nature, it's a quiet mining town with nothing much going on - but it takes two days to travel down to Queenstown, so makes a convenient resting spot. Upon arrival, our coach driver told us he'd take us all down the pub, which sounded good. The pub turned out to be a rough working men's club, full of hardened drinkers with red faces and glass shaped hands, so that let us know just how much there was to do in town. The...

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Nov 28, 2005 - Hokitika (is)

Nú er sko að koma sumar. Við ætlum að senda jólagjafirnar til Íslands á morgun sem er frekar fyndið. Svona álíka og allar jólaskreytingarnar hér í Hokitika. Við yfirgáfum Fox á föstudag eftir góðan labbitúr uppað jöklinum og keyrðum 25km til Franz Josef sem er hinn stóri skriðjökullinn hér. Þessir skriðjöklar eru merkilegir. Þeir eru nær miðbaug en allir aðrir skriðjöklar og þeir hafa verið að stækka síðan 2002. Við ákváðum að vera 2 nætur á tjaldstæði sem er úti í regnskógi. Þeir hafa rutt frá trjám fyrir slóðum og stæðum og síðan mokað...

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Nov 23, 2005 - Greymouth (South Beach)

We made good time so we drove through Hokitika to South Beach in Greymouth on arrival we were told we could use the free spa so in we went fantastic, In the evening we took a walk along the beach and watched the sunset another great day. The next day we just played on the beach and used the spa relaxing and chilling out.

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Nov 14, 2005 - TransAlpine Railway via Arthur's Pass to Greymouth, Australia

Our second day in NZ started with a 231km scenic train ride through foothills, mountains and rainforest. We thought we saw mountains before, but NZ is mountains times ten. The feeling we felt is hard to describe, but after traveling for over 85 days abroad and being taken away by the breathtaking scenery, it makes us realize how lucky and thankful we are to be where we are. The ride peaked at 737 meters at Arthur's Pass and entered the Otiva Tunnel for the descent to Greymouth. The views were breathtaking! There are 16 tunnels, many...

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Oct 31, 2005 - Greymouth

So we got the Tranzalpine train across to Greymouth on Sunday. It was a really nice trip, through 19 tunnels and around snow capped mountains and valleys. We're in a hostel called Noah's Ark. It used to be a monastary and has animal themed rooms, we're staying in the sheep room. The hostel is nice, feels homely. We went caving today. It was brilliant. We clambered into a pitch black cave, with only our head lamps as lights and we were wading trough water, jumping into ice cold pools and then we got to sit in a tube and float through the...

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Oct 9, 2005 - Christchurch to Fox Glacier HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!

On the coach, accross the Cantebury Plains and into the Southern Alps to Fox Glacier. A stop for lunch at Arthurs Pass and then some waterfall viewing and a wander round the Jade Factory (must not buy jewellry, must not buy jewellry). On to Lake Metheson and then our hotel for the night. Dinner, beers, a chat with Dr Dan (from New York) an Osteopath who joined the tour in Christchurch, some bad, bad kareoke and then more drinks back at hotel bar (lock in).

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Sep 28, 2005 - Greymouth

Greetings. I hope that everyone is ok. I'm fine, and now safely in Greymouth, 200km up the coast from Fox Glacier, and today the weather has been wonderful. It's just a shame that we had to leave Fox Glacier at 8am this morning when it would have been so cool to be able to go on one of the guided glacier walks. As it was, the coach journey was fine, on time and very impressive as it passes through another side of this country that I hadn't passed through before; dense rainforest (which thrives on all the rainfall this side of the...

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Aug 23, 2005 - On to Plan D...

Hey Everybody, So today we had high hopes... Plan A: See whales yesterday...see previous entry for how well that went ;) Plan B: See whales today...guess what...the ocean is apparently still angry at us =( Trip cancelled for 2nd day in a row; No Whales and wave swells in the 3 to 5 metre range! On to Plan C: See and Swim with the Dusky Dolphins...At the info centre they said "well if the whale watching didn't work out for you, try this, as the dolphin swimming is much closer to shore so less chance of rough water and the dolphins are ALMOST...

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Aug 19, 2005 - Pancake Rocks

The best bit about having a campervan is the freedom to sleep wherever you fancy. Waking up to million-dollar views is a regular occurrence! This morning we woke up to a misty view over the coastal cliffs. Less impressive for Amy due to the fact that she was dragged out of bed at 7 in the morning to see it! A geological mystery, the Pancake Rocks have baffled experts for decades. The rocks lie in layers which resemble piles of pancakes. That's easy enough. What they can't explain is why at high tide, water shoots from the blow-holes like...

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Jul 16, 2005 - Greymouth

Arrived in a smallish town called Greymouth. There isnt much to Greymouth except for the BEST backpackers hostel ever, Global Village! We decided to stay here for two days quite simply because of the accomodation. ... oh there was the pancake rocks just to the north of the town, they are rock formations cut out by the sea along with blow holes which spout water out the top when waves come in.

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Jul 15, 2005 - Greymouth, and the best hostel ever!

If you ever go to Greymouth, then you must stay in the Global Village hostel. It is so cosy, and friendly with the nicest lounge area and an even better kitchen! We had a relaxing time, me and Andy did a bit of a bike ride (few hours), we all drove up the the Pancake Rocks - a limestone formation which looks like stacks of pancakes, and also has blow holes where the sea swooshes in at high tide and water sprays out like a thermal geyser (but colder!). Cooked the best lasagne, and drank a few beers.

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Jul 13, 2005 - Hokitika

Hokitika is well known for its Jade factories. There are lots of them! Its another very small town with not a lot to it. I took a walk down to the bizzare black sand beach and found tons and tons of Jade! I filled my backpack with as much as i could carry - about 2 small pebbles. Some cultures value it more per gram than gold. Gosh.

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