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Jan 14, 2005 - Hokitika : West Coast

Today our mom decided that we needed to go to one of her classes. A Maori lady was supposed to come and teach the students how to act when they went to the Maori village - called a "Marae". Unfortunatly, she never showed up, so we listened to our mom's friend Susan lecture. Then a guy lecturing about the history of New Zealand and the Maori showed up and we sat through part of that. Then our dad came from the airport where he was dropping off a friend to fly to the North Island. We stayed with him until the students got out of class. Then...

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Dec 30, 2004 - Frans Josef Glacier

We were up early to maximise the time, bearing in mind the huge distance we have to travel. We spent an hours power jet boating on the River Shotover which gave us a taste of the beautiful water and countryside around Queenstown. After brunch we drove to the glaciers a little further up the west coast. The journey was fantastic, no traffic and no dual carriageways, and a succession of single track bridges. The weather got worse and we had considerable rainfall. At the Fox Glacier they had had 15" of rain the night before and conditions were...

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Dec 14, 2004 - The damn dent!

Howdi young chups Whilst we were checking our car back into the Thrifty place in Greymouth they kindly told us that we had a rather large dent in the bumper - and they were right! It seems that whilst we were parked something has gone into the back of us and dented in the bottom panel. Looks like it was a tow bar or something! It's so annoying as we have only had the car for about 48 hours. Anyway we went to get a quote from a local garage who reckoned it would only cost about 50 quid so no big deal. I guess it will just end up being a...

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Dec 5, 2004 - Brrrr! South Island!

I have been on the south island for a few days now and to be honest it has got progresively colder! I left Wellington on the ferry (fairy as the NZ's pronounce it) and had a great 3 hour journey to the south island! Many people have told me it could be a bit rough but it was a calm as a duck pond! The Magic bus was there to collect me and lo and behold I bumped into Carolyn again! Great huh? there were a few on the bus who I knew, it was like one big family again! First stop was Nelson, the weather was great and the hostel had a Jacuzzi,...

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Nov 29, 2004 - Trades Description Act

We stop off in a place called Hokitika, planning to stay the night and enjoy a whitebait fitter (local delicacy). We are planning to try and do something active the next day in Greymouth. After the white water rafting falling through and us not having enough time to make it to Kaikoura (lots of stuff to do there) we feel like we should do something else active before leaving. There's not much to Tika (as it's known) but we check the local tourist info place and the wifie explains about the Cave Rafting trip that we've been looking at. She...

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Nov 20, 2004 - Mahinapua

Hello again, Well today we spent most of the day travelling. We are starting to get into the Southern Alps and the views are beautiful. We did a walk early this morning to view a seal colony. That was pretty cool watching the seals... though they were kinda far away. Anyway I started walking back and then I spotted a seal that was off the track by the water... so I jumped off the path and took some pics of it sleeping. I wasn't really scared until it woke up and yawned and I saw the teeth on the bloody thing. Oh well... I got some great...

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Nov 1, 2004 - Welcome to the West Coast! Barrytown!

After waking, showering etc, we headed down to the beach where we were and took some photos. It was a lovely bay and we saw some people heading off in Kayaks on an all day tour. We've realised that it's important not to do everything. It sounds wierd, but taking 'days off' makes the trip a lot more special. By regularly having 'days off', you get to take stock of everything going on around you. If you pack too much in, you start to take everything for granted! It's so important to try and slow down and really appreciate what you're doing....

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Oct 22, 2004 - Cross country to the Franz Josef & Fox Glacier's

We thought we'd head off the glacial regions, hoping that we might get to walk on one of the glaciers but unfortunately when we arrived at Franz it was so overcast and wet you couldn't even see the glacier let alone walk on it! Both the townships were pretty little alpine-y places but the weather was shite so we only stayed a night in each place! We dont even have any photo's because they weren't worth taking - oh well, it cant be great all the time ;-)

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Sep 29, 2004 - Greymouth - incest central!

Yup! Greymouth is officially the biggest breeding ground for incest, judging by the amount of people with third eyes and extra legs!! It was really quite perturbing! Anyway, I realised why they resorted to this........there's nothing to do here except go on a brewery tour! Which is exactly what we did! We went to Monteiths and had a look around (obviously, it was not as good as the carlsberg brewery - not being biased in any way, shape, or form!)But I did taste the beer, which I promptly gave to Chris!! As much as people try, they cannot...

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Jul 23, 2004 - 4 million people, 40 million Sheeps, 80 million possums

Don't forget to have a look at the new photos uploaded to entry dated July 19th!! The title of this entry refers to the population of New Zealand. Mental country. So far, I have been having lotsa fun. I have been in Christchurch for a few days. By the way, it is the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, not the little area at the end of Dame street haha. Although you could get confused, surrounded by places called Belfast, Armagh Road, Gardiner St (!) and Tuam Road!! I should be moving faster, but got the tickets to see the All Blacks play...

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Apr 9, 2004 - Brunner Mine, near Greymouth

After all the excitement last night we had a leisurely start and had breakfast at Brunner Mine, sadly the site of the largest mining disaster in New Zealand's history. 95 workers died when badly placed dynamite ignited a pocket of gas. A fitting memorial is now in place. We then headed via Greymouth (and a launderette) down the coast to Hokitika. Still solid.

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Apr 8, 2004 - Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki

We drove on south to the Pancake Rocks which have a blowhole which "blows" at high tide - we had mis-timed it so after a few photos we left heading towards Greymouth where we intended to stay the night. We turned onto a side road just before Greymouth to find a wild camping site and spotting a track leading down to a river we though that looks OK, off the road and nice views, etc. HOWEVER faced with mud ahead we tried to reverse back up the track and couldn't - wheelspinning on the shingle - we were stuck. Not sure what to do we flagged...

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