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Dec 9, 2008 - India Summary

The worlds public urinal - On every street there is a urinal - not formally designated spots with proper facilities, but just a wall or a street corner where men go for a piss. So in the baking sun the urine dries and the areas pong of urine. Every time you walk past these areas all you can smell is the strong smell of dried urine - disgusting. Also, men are not shy of urinating in public. I think I have seen more mens dangly bits in India then I have in my whole life! The public are also not shy of squating down and going for a number 2 in...

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Silk Road Adentures

Apr 4, 2005 - Work on the Onetangi Beach

In search of money, I followed a posting in a hostel for cafe work, and hopped on the ferry from Auckland to Onetangi Beach, the far end of a small island. The work was decent, compared to fruit picking... though the place was so disorganized, people were asking me for help on my first day. By the second day, you'd think I was the manager. It was really nice to have free food, drink, and "accomidation" (the rats, cockroaches, and hordes of spiders were only somewhat accomidating)....

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Mar 16, 2005 - Auckland

I really enjoyed NZ, it was as nice as I had imagined and the weather has been very nice (except for 2 days in the south). I couln´t get used to their accent and they think I got a german accent (what ?) but nevertheless I would come back with pleasure. It´s the perfect place to raise children, so quiet and beautiful, but once you´re grown up all you want is to move to Australia ;-) ------------- J´ai beaucoup aime la Nouvelle-Zelande. C´etait aussi beau que je ne me l´etais imagine et en plus le temps a ete super (a part 2 jours dans le...

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