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Sep 28, 2019 - Willemstad, The Netherlands

Okay, here's the story: The country is The Netherlands. The people of this country are called Dutch. Holland is a province of the country. There is a North Holland and a South Holland. Both are very large and are on the North Sea. So when their sailors went out and about the world, they would say they were from Holland. So that's where the confusion comes about the difference in Netherlands, Dutch and Holland. We got it from "the horses' mouth", actual natives from this country. Willemstad is a very small village; just 2329 people. It is...

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Jun 13, 2017 - Willemstad

Tuesday Exiting Antwerp Harbour was very interesting as it is one of the larger & busiest harbours in West Europe, so lots to see while motoring out on the Anna Antal. The Harbour Masters building is amazing, a new structure built over the old existing one, from a distance looks like the hull of a boat, in glass. We stayed on the boat for an hour or so, connecting up to another river system travelling north to Tholen, now in Netherlands, where we commenced our ride, about 45km. Over the afternoon we rode through several towns, Steenbergen,...

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2017 But's Adventure

Jun 1, 2011 - Tough ride up a long slow hill into the wind

Today we started out by traveling on the barge along the very busy river to Willemstadt. The barge trip was very lovely with lots of different scenery as well as marine traffic. Willemstadt is an affluent town as noted by the types of yachts in the harbour. Our guide Luke first showed os the heights of various floods as noted on one of the buildings in the harbour. The highest was in 1953 when the water was just about up to my shoulder where we were standing, which was a fairly high spot in the town. This meant that many of the houses...

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