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Sep 28, 2019 - A Tale of Four Cities (Dutch)

We’ve now come full circle back to where we started in the Netherlands. Our base city, Leiden is a city of canals and we are in a very old Dutch row house complete with an impossibly steep and narrow spiral staircase and sleeping in the rafters. On the plus side we have an amazing view of the canal from our living room window ( and the rain, a spin off from Hurricane Humberto which is putting a dampener all over Europe at the present time) and we are right in the centre of things, on the very spot where the Leiden market sets up twice a...

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Discovering Denmark

Oct 3, 2018 - Leiden, Netherlands

When we reached the lovely and busy city of Leiden after our 30 minute train ride, we found a taxi, gave him the piece of paper with the address of our Airbnb on it. The taxi driver had no problem finding the home where we shared a well appointed and comfortable room for three days. Pauline, our host made sure we were comfy and went way above the call of duty later, by guiding our travel when it was time to leave. We also discovered that we’re 5 bus stops away from the city costing 4 Euro’s each way. Our first evening, found us exploring...

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Jul 18, 2017 - Haarlem, Netherlands

I took the city bus (about an hour 20 minutes each way!) to Haarlem on Saturday. Once again a beautiful drive. I got off and browsed an antiquity flea market along the street and then walked into the center. They have a farmers market there and typical shops you find in every city center.

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Jul 17, 2017 - Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands

One day during my house sit, I went to Den Haag. I have never been there before and it is quite a beautiful city. The International Court of Justice is here where countries who have disputes between them have them arbitrated. I took the bus to Den Haag from Leiden and it was a beautiful ride. There were some huge houses in beautiful tree-lined areas and everything was lush and green. The canals were all lined with beautiful flower pots and I took the tram to the beach. There, there is a huge boardwalk full of cafés and eateries and fun...

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Jul 17, 2017 - Katwijk, Netherlands

My first day trip from Leiden was on the city bus to Katwijk. Katwijk is on the beach. Beautiful large beach but no waves so I doubt this is where my friend Toni surfs. There weren't very many people there considering it's July. It was a nice day and I stopped at a beachside cafe for a lunch of a huge round of goat cheese with drizzled honey and walnuts and dried tomatoes on a bed of greens. It was delicious. The Dutch do not scrimp on their servings of cheese. This cafe was directly on the beach so some families just came in their bathing...

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Jul 8, 2017 - Leiden, Netherlands

For the last 10 days (July 6-16) (I'm really behind on my journal), I have been in Leiden, the Netherlands. I obtained a housesitting/pet sitting assignment through the website mindmyhouse.com. Leiden is a city southwest of Amsterdam. I have been sitting for Leon, the dog, and Duchess, the cat. My home has been a small four bedroom two bath townhouse with a small patio near to a very nice canal. It's been very nice taking Leon for his walks by the canal. I am showing you pictures of the canal where there are several benches to sit and enjoy...

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Jul 8, 2017 - Paris to Leiden, Netherlands

After I hugged Benjamin goodbye (smiley face) and thanked him for everything I got on my train for Paris. Got to the Saint Lazare Gare and found the right metro station to ride to in order to catch my Flixbus to Rotterdam where I would then get a short train to Leiden. I had a difficult time finding the Flixbus depot. It's actually underground. The bus was an hour late. Then when it was backing up in the station it hit something and then couldn't back out of its space. I started laughing and said it was not a reassuring sign. Apparently the...

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Apr 27, 2014 - Haarlem to Leiden

Sunday April 27 -- Haarlem to Leiden We were up at 7:00 for breakfast around 8:00. The routine is that everyone makes their own lunch after breakfast and then we leave the barge around 9:15. We were all on time except the three USA folks (Mark,Theresa and Stacey) who arrived late yesterday; they were somewhat jet-lagged! However, we were soon on our way from Haarlem riding in a drizzly rain. It was not too cold, but definitely wet and overcast. We stopped first at a pumping station driven by steam that lifted water from the dyke into the...

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Sep 1, 2013 - Leiden on bicycles

We started our day with a bike ride to the North Sea, guided by Dan, a friend of Colin's. It was a great ride along bike paths the entire way, maybe about 10km. The wind off the North Sea has quite a chill to it, as we had found out in Norway. We had a lunch/ drink on the seashore before heading back to Leiden. Visited the Leiden Museum of Science, Medicine and Technology. Visited the Botanical gardens. Had a nice supper with the "other" Sawatzkys at a Thai place. Back to our room to pack up for the next part of our European adventure.

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May 17, 2013 - Preliminaries

So this is an attempt to blog my trip across spain by bike. It takes in 13 Spanish towns and cities, a bit of train trip and both the Atlantic North and Mediterranean North East (some would say South) coasts. Total distance is around 822km, total time is 16 days. This makes for around 74km/55 miles per day including rest days. I like cycling, I like exploring and I speak a bare minimum of Spanish so this seemed like a good idea. Now while I generally feel preparing for something is unethical I did have the opportunity to head out to the...

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Apr 23, 2013 - Leiden - Windmill and Pilgrim Fathers

After a day of getting it clear what we wanted to visit in the area and sorting where the local shops and amenities were in Rijnsburg our first full exploration day was to the nearby town of Leiden. We discovered that driving and walking in Holland towns is extremely interesting. Firstly roads have to navigate around canals which often crisscross a town. Secondly streets can be narrow and the Holland car drivers believe they own the road and are very inpatient. Thirdly, it’s not only cars you have to take account of, but also bicycles who...

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Apr 21, 2013 - Heading into the Netherlands

We said goodbye to Belgium for a while. We are planning to see the rest of Belgium on our return from Germany in the late summer. The exit out of the stellplatz was a little interesting but after moving the temporary barriers at the entrance it became straight forward. We had a good journey on the interstate/motorways which were busy but excellent. We made a little mistake in taking the wrong exit to the campground but that was easily recovered. The small road to the campground was interesting not because of trees or it being a single...

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