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May 11, 2008 - Beshi Sahar / Khudi

Note: Bus rides in Nepal are among the most terrifying experiences on the planet. At every turn and with every honk of the horn you're certain that you are about to meet a firey end either by plunging over the cliff or by crashing headlong into the much larger bus speeding straight at you. Best advice, don't look ahead. Stare out the side windows, meditate and just remember that there isn't all that much wreckage on the side of the road so the 17 year old bus driver must (?) know what he's doing...

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Trekking Annapurna

Apr 8, 2008 - From India to Nepal

Up early again(4:30 wake up call) and on the road in 2 passenger vans for our 9 hour drive into Nepal. Bathrooms were "bushy bushy" as our guide calls it and we stopped for our boiled eggs and bread and butter and bananas midway. This was a welcome relief from the crazy driving of our drivers dodging between trucks, cows, rickshaws, people, dogs etc. at high speeds. Had to stop for some rain and cover our bags on the roof resulting in a muddy walk across the border from India to Nepal. The border crossing check in and check out"official...

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Mar 7, 2008 - Chitwan National Park - Jungle Trek Day 2

The second day of jungle trekking began deep in the woods in the hopes of seeing at least one one-horned rhinoceros. With our guides on alert status it did not take long for our first sighting of a rhino eating shoots in the tall grass. We watched the male for about 20 minutes and then walked further up the trail when the wind shifted, giving away our location (rhinos have terrible sight but an uncanny sense of smell). Tikka doubled back to watch the animal’s progress and after a few minutes, motioned for us to move quickly back down the...

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Mar 6, 2008 - Chitwan National Park - Jungle Trek Day 1

Yesterday afternoon we discussed trekking with several different guide companies and finally decided to book a trek with United Jungle Guide Services. We chose a 2 and half day jungle trek. Our guides for the next three days were Jeetu and Tika, both experienced and knowledgeable guides. All tourists must be accompanied by at least two guides while inside Chitwan National Park due to the unpredictable (and sometimes violent) nature of wild animal behavior. The first day we walked about 20 kilometers (13 miles). We saw lots of deer, some...

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