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Jan 25, 2016 - Burns night at sea

We had a day at sea to recover from the long Namibia trip before arriving early at Cape Town. However as it was Burns Night and the formal had a Scottish theme with some chaotic Scottish dancing in the evening we did not manage an early night! One couple from our table were leaving the ship at Cape Town too which was sad as it was our last night all together.

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Jan 24, 2016 - Land at last-Walvis Bay, Namibia and an excellent trip into the desert

We watched the ship cruise into Walvis Bay at 6.30am just as it was getting light. It is a huge container port and as yet has not got a separate berthing for cruise ships so it is not a very impressive sight …. but the trip we went on made up for that. The temperature was only 23C when we left in our 4x4 car and headed for the lagoon where there are thousands of flamingo. The tide was out so there were not many close to us but we could see thousands on all the sand banks. After this we drove into the desert to see and climb Dune 7 …. which...

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Apr 3, 2014 - Walvis Bay, Namibia

4/3 – 4/4 One day and 835 miles brought us to Walvis Bay, Namibia. Walvis Bay is both the name of the bay and the name of the city on the bay. It is the only commercial port for Namibia and is quite busy. We took a bus into town and from there hired a taxi to take us to the two highlights in the area. The first was a local lagoon that featured pink flamingos. Although the flamingos were not as pink as the ones in the Everglades, they were still outstanding. Namibia has beautiful sand dunes which roll down to the sea. That was our next stop....

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Jul 10, 2012 - Day 18 Swakopmund and Walvis Bay - Namibia and Maun

This is our second day with our the Savosnick Family whom we are truly missing and look forard to rejoin - We have information that the car is ready tonight and they will head to Windhoek enabling us to hook up Sossusvlei. Finally some Good NEWS Today Breakfast in Namibia is like being in Denmark - They have "rundstykker" and Leverpostej and all we are missing this summer so something is really good here :-). We left this morning at 8 Am headed to Walvis Bay which is the main harbour town in Namibia - we had booked an excursion with Mola...

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Sep 16, 2010 - Walvisbay (Flamingos & Sandboarding)

Von der Hitze der Namib ein unerwartet hoher Temperatursturz auf knappe 10 Grad. Walvisbays Sandduenen sind beliebt bei der Lokaljugend zum Sandboarden oder Quadbiken. Die ehemalige suedafrikanische Enklave mitten in Namibias Skelleton Coast selbst ist nichts Schoenes, dafuer aber die Umgebung mit den algenreichen Flamingolagunen und den andlosen, sehr speziellen gold schimmernden Sandduenen im gewitternahenden Zwielicht der schwarzen Wolken. Selbst 1 Kojote liess sich am Strassenrand erblicken. Weiter gings nach Swakopmund.

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May 6, 2010 - route dag 9a Solitaire - Walvisbay

Solitaire - Swakopmund (time 5,5 hours, distance 350 km) Today we drive on to Swakopmund. The first town/city we will come across is Walvis Bay. This town/city is the second largest of Namibia and has a natural harbour and a lagoon right off the coast. Pelicans and flamingos stay here. _________________________________________________________________________________________

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Aug 20, 2009 - Walvis Bay

We almost didn't stop here, but were so tired of driving that we had to stop for the night. Ended up one of our favorite spots in Namibia. Walvis Bay is a smallish (54 thousand people), seaside town big in salt production and fish processing. They also have a fantastic lagoon and wetlands that are home to flamingos and thousands of birds and seals. We found a great little hotel, and a fantastic restaurant that made the best Greek salads and pizza we've had since leaving the US. The highlight, though, was a kayaking trip where we saw...

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Oct 15, 2008 - Namibia

Flying across the windswept Namibian desert in a five passenger, single-engine Cessna with a twenty-two year old pilot is not something I would recommend to anyone. It is not at all what I imagined when I read in the guide, “Arrive for your two hour charter flight to Lüderitz….” Charter, it turns out, in aviation terminology means almost certain death. And this is how my first day in the second most sparsely populated country on Earth (after Mongolia) began. There were a total of fifteen in the group for this sidetrip and they divided us...

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Sep 8, 2008 - Walvis Bay

Hey, So we made it to Walvis Bay, Namibia finally. We got to the airport and just before we were about to board they told us the plane was overweight and that 2 passengers would need to get off. One lady volunteered but then we waited for an hour before another person finally volunteered. That is when they finally gave away a free flight. So we were over an hour and a half late leaving the airport. Then we got on our small plane in the stormy weather and headed to warmer pastures, so we thought. It is quite cool here also, so we are just...

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Apr 11, 2007 - Walvis Bay, NAMIBIA

The first southwestern Africans were the San people. Living in nomadic tribes, they followed migratory animal herds. The Khoi-Khoi people from the inland region, raised animals on semi-permanent farms. They eventually blended with the San communities, and the loosely defined territories came to be a single kingdom. Thus, the ancestral Khoisan hybird emerged - their descendents still live in namibia, although the ancient farming methods were long ago forgotten. Africa was always a place of migration and shifting power spheres. The Khoisan...

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Apr 4, 2007 - Swapkomund, Namibia

"Vroom" "Pit stop" "Vroom" "Vroom" "Oil slick" "Vroom" The game had no name but Al from London seemed to have one for every night of the trip. He, together with Megan (USA) Bobbie (Can) Malcolm (NZ) Romana (Aut) Nim (India) and Patrick (Ger but tell them I'm from Ireland because I can't stand Germans) and I make up our United Nations of passengers on the overland trip from Capetown to Cairo, no, Victoria Falls, sorry Mum. Wildlife Adventures paid for dinner and drinks last night which was memorable because it wasn't on the program and it...

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Dec 20, 2006 - Namibia (Swakopmund)

Entering Namibia and I definately felt like we'd left the heart of Africa behind us now, and now were crossing paths with the South African's on holiday. Don't get me wrong, a fantastic place in its own right still. Made our way up to the Etosha National Park for our last days game viewing. Etosha was well set up and you actually stayed in fenced camping grounds not designated plots of dirt! This is a massive national park, known for it's extra large elephants - which unfortunately mainly stayed elusive to us, but we did see 2 large male...

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