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May 10, 2010 - route dag 13 Palmwag - Damaraland

Palmwag - Damaraland In the morning, a guide will take us on a Discover Damaraland Drive to go in search of Desert Elephants. There is unfortunately no guarantee that we will see any. We will definitely see other habitants of the desert though. In the afternoon the guide will take us on foot into the heart of Damaraland. This walk takes about 3 hours and ends at a small encampment where we will sleep in tents. There will be a camp fire and a typical bush meal will be served in the evening. We will be sleeping under the...

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May 9, 2010 - route dag 12 Swakopmund - Palmwag

Swakopmund - Palmwag (Damaraland)(time 6,5 hours, distance 450 km) We leave Swakopmund and head up the coast to Cape Cross where there is a giant seal colony. This group can contain as many as 200.000 seals. We head further north along the coast and we reach the Skeleton Coast. Many ship wrecks lay here in the waters where they stranded. It is an eerie sight especially when there is fog. We go further north and enter Damaraland. We will be staying at Palmwag Lodge ( http://www.namibia-tracks-and-trails.com/palmwaglodge.htm...

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Nov 5, 2006 - "Cold Beer" in Click Language

After a morning game drive in Etosha, we hit the road towards the coast. As it was Sunday, not much was open so we weren't able to stock up much on food. An English Couple in the Campsite had said Palmwag (Pa-lum-vag) was a great place to stop who were we to question and it was on the way to Skeleton Coast. It turns out Palmwag is basically this one lodge - there is no town or community, but fortunately for us, the lodge happened to be part of the Wilderness Safaris network. Jenaya had volunteered at another location and someone she worked...

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Reilly on the Road

Aug 20, 2005 - Himba Village

The Himba is one of the traditional tribes in Namibia (Himba-those who ask for things) that are largely removed from the modern world, leading a semi-nomadic lifestyle and raising sheep, goats and cattle. Himbas were once a big tribe in Namibia but unfortunately nowadays traditional villages are few and far between. The community we visited is straddled between modern and traditional lifestyles - kind of a halfway house. Displaced children may be adopted in, people needing to visit Windhoek for treatment may visit the village to recuperate...

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Jul 25, 2005 - Namibia - Cheetah Park

Three rescued cheetahs walking around like house-cats and over 20 wild cheetah in large pens and a bar was the content of tonight's camp. When one of the tame cheetah, Zeeu (6 year old female) was bought in the passenger seat down to the bar then hoped out to walk among us we were all a bit nervous to start with. It was a very surreal experience sitting in the beer garden petting a cheetah but she was lovely and purred like a car engine when you rubbed her ears. For some strange reason she took a liking to Kevin's knee and just kept licking...

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