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Jun 1, 2013 - DAY 14 Ngwesaunglk

Ngwesaung has a beautiful,unspoiled, white sand beach,15 km's long & bordered by tall swaying palms.First up,we all walked down to the nearest local fishing village,exploring & shopping.It's basically one long street & there is a lot of construction work going on. Possibly in preparation for the influx of tourists they expect to see in the near future. One can already see the changes,if only slight at present,that are going to impact on the old Burma. After returning from the village,we went swimming in the pool,a beautiful "S" shaped...

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May 31, 2013 - Day 13 Bassein(Pathein)-Ngwesaung

Today,we were supposed to have a 3 1/2 hour drive to the port of Bassein,then catch a ferry across the river & then continue for a short drive to our resort on the coast. As it turned out we had a 7 1/2 hour drive & no ferry crossing.They now have a bridge over the river which is a little over 2 miles long.When we finally arrived at resort,we were told that it was closing tomorrow & therefore we couldn't stay there.They sent us to a sister resort next door but but,as a group, we refused to stay there.Sent us to another resort that was right...

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Feb 23, 2012 - Life's a beach

These last few days in Myanmar, we have just kicked back, playing cribbage, reading, bicycling and most of all, playing in the warm sea. The hotel has large inner tubes which we take out into the water. It is so incredibly relaxing and pleasurable to just bounce in the waves while looking up at this long beach lined with coconut palms or out at the small fishing boats that move along parallel to the coastline. We’ve biked into town several times, mostly just to explore but also to sample the restaurants and to try to buy souvenirs. There...

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Feb 21, 2012 - At the beach

Monday We started out the day catching a taxi to the airport heading to Yangon. Shared a taxi with a guy from Zurich who is living in Chiang Mai Thailand for the winter and taking small trips around Southeast Asia. He made it sound like the ideal life.... On the plane my seat mate was from Frankfurt and had the same camera as me. Well, turns out he is quite the photographer and he showed me all kinds of settings on the camera to improve my picture quality. He was really a sweet man and told me that photography is a very fulfilling hobby. I...

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Mar 1, 2007 - MYANMAR: Changtha Beach

Emily, (Welsh girl now working at the other school) and I went to Changtha Beach for a long weekend with it being a national holiday. We had many laughs and it was nice getting out of Yangon for a break. The beaches had a raw beauty baout them being undeveloped unlike most beaches we visit on our holidays. Changtha certainly felt like Myanmar though with a Golden Stupa on the beach. They are everywhere! It is a shame that much of the coastline of Myanmar is off limits. There must be some gorgeous spots esp as its shares the same coast as...

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Mar 31, 2005 - Myanmar - Ngwesaung Beach

Min-gala-ba!!! I've told you several times now about nightmarish bus trip, so it is difficult to explain in which ways this was the worst trip by bus ever!!! We spent nineteen hours in one of the oldest and dustiest buses we've seen in our whole lives. Not only were we sweating like pigs because there was no air-con, but we had to endure two flat tyres. Luckily the bus couln't go very fast and there was no risk of the driver losing control due to the flat tyres. Trust me, something it seemed like it would be faster to walk. We met Claudia...

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