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Feb 11, 2018 - One Week On

A lot better today so after lunch we took a taxi back to the scene of the crime at the Medina. Didn’t jog any memories though. We did wander into the narrow lanes of the Medina & I did get to see the famous leather dyeing pits. Also found out that someone had videoed some of the aftermath of the attack & it had been shown on local TV that night. Apparently I was famous! Pretty tiring so soon got a taxi back to the hotel.

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Feb 9, 2018 - Fes Hotel

Local authority guy turned up at 9am to take me back to the hospital to get my dressing changed. Felt pretty bad being taken in for treatment in front of all the people waiting outside. Everything seems OK so back to the hotel for another quiet day in our room. Even get to have room service deliver our meals although we are managing to make our evening meal last us for lunch as well. A sure sign that I am not fully recovered.

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Feb 8, 2018 - Fes Hotel

Another quiet day recovering in our room at the hotel, still pretty weak & wobbly. What a waste of a 4star hotel but the staff were all trying to help, they were very good. That evening we had six policemen plus an interpreter come to our room to see if we could identify my attacker but we weren’t much help. It happened so quickly & completely out of the blue.

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Feb 7, 2018 - Fes Hotel

After I started eating a bit my balance improved & they released me to the hospital. The local authority guy took us to the hotel in his car & settled us in. The police collected our motorhome & brought it to the Hotel so we now had access to our clothes. In the evening we had a visit from the police to take our statements. Still no luck catching the guy. They did show Viv some photos on their phones to see if she recognised anyone but she didn’t recognise anyone. The big problem was that they didn’t speak much English & although most of...

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Feb 5, 2018 - Fes

After spending a very uncomfortable night in the ICU room they moved me down to a private room. Still pretty groggy & no desire to eat or drink. We had two beds so Viv was allowed to stay the night even though she had a room at the 4star hotel. Not much available in the way of bedding for Viv so she had a cold & uncomfortable night. I even had my own personal policeman sitting outside on watch during the day.

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Feb 4, 2018 - FES

This is when it happened! We carried on today to Fes. On the way we ran into loads of traffic about forty miles South of Fes up in the hills. There was lots of snow about & being a Sunday there were literally thousands of people heading for the slopes. More for sledging than skiing but the roads were chaotic & lined with people renting out sledges. It slowed us down a bit but it was a lovely day. That is until we got to Fes. Our plan was to spend the night on the Guarded Parking on the large square under the tall Medina wall. We arrived...

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Jan 7, 2018 - Rain and snow and other slippery stuff

Fes the city is not to be confused with fez the hat made famous by the Ottomans. Fes sprawls among hills and gullies. The new town is a mere 500 years old, give or take 100. Old Fes features the Medina, an incredibly sprawling and complex old inner city going back 1000+ years featuring shops of all types and the famous open air tannery. The tannery, of course, is surrounded by dozens of shops selling quality leather at quality prices. Our local guide was born and raised in the Medina, and told us its 3,700+ alleyways mean he occasionally...

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Trip Journal

Second Time Around

Oct 17, 2017 - Oct. 17, Tuesday: Fes

Tuesday Oct. 17 Fes We learned the correct spelling of FES today. When you see it spelled “FEZ”, then it is in the Spanish language. We had a nice breakfast in our hotel, Riad El Yacout. Then we boarded the bus at 10:00 am and headed for the Villa Nouvelle. This area was settled by the French and feels very French. First we saw the Royal Palace in Fes, called Dar el-Makzen. The gate is composed of seven gates coated in brass. The King stays here sometimes when he is in Fes. No one can go in at this time, but maybe in the future. The streets...

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Oct 16, 2017 - Monday October 16: Fes

Monday Oct. 16 Fez Fes is the cultural and historical capital of Morroco. Fes is very old. It was founded in 789. 1.2 million people live here. The medina is 1200 years old and is the largest in the world. We left the Hotel Riad Le Ksar de Fes around 8:30am to get to the Mount Zalagh panorama view of the Fes. There are 3 -4 parts: The old city called Medina; the Jewish section called Medulla ; and the Ville Nouvelle (1912 French)….We saw the highlights, then jumped back to the bus for our tour of the Medina. First we visited the Art Naji...

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Oct 9, 2017 - Fes

It was nice to know that we're starting at the same hotel for 2 nights and not have to worry about getting up and packing. Even so, we still had a 6:30am wake up call with the bus leaving at 8 for our tours. On our way out, we went by the American Fondouck, the only American equine hospital operating in Morocco. It was founded in 1927 at the behest of Amy Bend Bishop, an American traveler who was distressed by the poor conditions of the many working animals in Fez Medina. At the time, there were 40,000 pack animals living in and around...

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May 7, 2017 - Fes & Azrou

Friday 5th Away south towards Fes, fairly long drive with coffee stop then lunch stop at huge garage with bbq cafe and gardens with peacocks. Fresh orange juice. Lamb Kafta from their bbq (which brought Barb and myself food poisoning next day). The road today is still narrow and winding but with frequent long straight stretches, sadly the bumpiest we've ever been on. When we arrived at Camp Belvue, Volubilous, our pillows were hanging onto the end of the bed, Roy's bookshelf was in the bed, as were the contents of my sewing box, and my...

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Dec 6, 2016 - Fes, magical medina, camel anyone?

We have enjoyed our stay in Fes. The city has a different vibe to it, even the medina that is more organized , less squalor. You can see from the Landscape and Mellah pic the difference in the weather from Am to PM! Quite the site to see so many donkeys being used for transportation inside the Medina- sad life as they are treated as beasts of burden and nothing more. The food market was an eye opener as camel head shows- lots of other strange edibles like meat preserved in fat - it looks like yogurt with hunks of meat in it. Fascinating to...

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