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May 19, 2011 - Special edition - Climbing to the fortress

I decided that as i climbed to the fortress above Kotor after the previous entry, i'd do a special climbing edition update. For those long time readers you may remember the infamous Guatemalan Donkey incident. There was no such reoccurance on this climb, I'm sorry to say. The climb starts by handing over 3 euros to some guy who says its 3 euros. I do however get a ticket, so it must be legitimate. I'd heard its possible to do the walk in 45 minutes up. I saw that as a challenge. Armed with 1.5 litres of water, I started the assault up to...

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May 19, 2011 - I hate cruises

Yes I hate cruises. Why? because they dock in nice little places and inundate them with hoards of people. whats worse is because they have been couped up on a ship for days expending little energy, they become over active and quite rude pushing people out of the way to actually see something other than a cruise ship. Luckily today, i had no intention of going to visit Kotor, but instead planned to visit a town further around the bay called Perast. Perast is like Kotor, but smaller and right on the waters edge. Unfortunately I had to wait...

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May 18, 2011 - Montenegro = Magnificent

I'm in Montenegro. From what I can tell its the really good bit of Serbia that gained independence again about 5 years ago. Serbia and Montenegro have always been friendly, most people are related to someone in the other country, Montenegro has existed on its own in the past and also joined with Serbia willing ly in the past. However I think it will probably never join Serbia again. Montenegro is the really hot sister in the family of ex Yugoslav countries. From the amazing views of the lakes and mountains while landing to the spectacular...

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Oct 19, 2010 - Day 19 Kotor, Montenegro

Tiny mountainous area with houses mostly along the shore. This is a Fjord. Picturesque. Cars drive on the right. There is a castle built in 535 about 1350 steps up on the edge of the mountain and a church just below it. The pump in one picture is from the 1700 and still works. Neat old walled city with narrow alleys etc. We are now in the Adriatic Sea.

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Oct 9, 2010 - Montenegro

The plan was to go to Montenegro for a few days, before returning back to Dubrovnik to get the ferry to Italy, so we headed south again after our sort of peaceful stay in Hvar. Great excitement ensued when we were approaching the Bosnian border. It’s very strange the set-up down there. After the war, when the borders were getting settled, I guess the Bosnians wanted to make sure they had access to the sea, and so they have this little slice of the coast, which cuts Croatia completely into two separate parts. The border crossing was a bit...

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Jun 27, 2010 - Kotor - Bay of Kotor

Wir verliessen Dubrovnik in Richtung Montenegro, gleich nach der Grenze 1 Riesen-EU Schild. Komisch, sind wir falsch abgebogen? Nein, wie im ganzen Land ist das EU Zeichen oder der USAid alle paar Kilometer zu sehen. Montenegro ist eine einzige Baustelle im positiven Sinn. Ueberall neue Haeuser, Resorts, Strassen, Elektrizitaetswerke, Klaeranlagen. Der Tourismus boomt (hauptsaechlich aus Russland) Die zum Unesconaturerbe gehoerende wunderschoene Bucht von Kotor ist sicherlich 1 Highlight der Kueste. Der Aufstieg zur Burg Kotors auch, nach...

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Jun 10, 2010 - Kotor, MONTENEGRO

Thursday, June 10 It was another early departure. We left beautiful Budva at 7:00 AM and took a private mini-bus to Kotor. It was only a short 45 minute bus ride. Kotor is the main city at the end of Kotor Bay, the largest southern European fjord. Listed on the UNESCO world heritage list its crooked alleyways give lots of opportunities to get lost and mingle with the locals. We stayed at some private rooms overlooking the sea. After breakfast, we went for a short orientation walk and then did a two-hour hike up Mt Sv Ivan (St. John). It...

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Jun 1, 2010 - Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

In a neighborhood of Kotor, we found ourselves occupying a fabulous one bedroom apartment. We met the entire family that used to live there and now that they rent it, we rested comfortably for one week. The Bay of Kotor is a beautiful area on the northern coast of Montenegro. We cooked at home, joined a packed natatorium to watch a water polo match with our new friends, Dave and Theresa from Manchester and had some interesting hikes in the mountains. The big hike, with Dave and Theresa was to the peak of Lovcen on rainy and cool day. We...

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Aug 8, 2009 - via Montenegro???

If I had to go via Montenegro on an overnight ferry in order to get to Dubrovnik, Croatia, I was making damn sure that I had a comfy place on board to sleep for the night. So I headed down early to line up for the ferry, which soon turned into a large mass of people, all trying to edge to the front. I started chatting with a girl from New Zealand who hadnt been on a ferry before. By now being a veteran of eight ferry rides, I gave her the low down on what she could expect, the pushing, the running, the being held back by ferry personnel and...

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Kirsti's Odyssey

Mar 22, 2009 - Snowed in!

3/22/09 Did I ever mention that I hate snow? Everyone gets so excited to see it come down, so pretty, so fun, kids love to play in it. While I can’t deny that I enjoy the occasional snow day off of work, most times I look disdainfully at snow as an impediment to my schedule, a slippery substance deliberately keeping me from completing my routine. After putting my car in a ditch last year during an icy stretch, I have come to really hate snow. Kosovo didn’t help things. We got up before dawn to take the 7:00am bus from Kosovo to Kotor,...

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Sep 26, 2008 - Kotor, Montenegro

We left Bar at 10:00am after catching a ride to the bus station with the hotel owner’s son, and hoping on the first of many buses to Kotor. The bus ride was uneventful. The scenery, however, was phenomenal. We couldn’t believe how mountainous the region is, and the mountains drop right down into the Mediterranean. Palm trees dotted the shores, while up on the mountain the first colours of fall showed themselves in shrubs and trees. The road winded up, down, around and sometimes through the mountains. Sometimes we went inland through lush...

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Nov 17, 2007 - Kotor

The bus actually took us through Croatian and Montenegrin immigration and customs and dropped us in the first town, Herceg Novi. I'm really glad I took the effort to go and pre-book the direct bus to Montenegro. At the Herceg Novi bus station I asked if the bus to Kotor would take Croatian Kuna but was told that it wouldn't. Unfortunately there was no ATM or currency exchange at the station so I had to hike down a steep hill to the town centre to find an ATM and get some Euro and then back up that same steep hill to just catch the Kotor bus...

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