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Sep 11, 2008 - Tiraspol, TransDniester

September 11th – Thursday – Tiraspol, TransDniester On the anniversary of the September 11th tragedy I ironically find myself headed to the self-proclaimed state of Transdniester whose primary industry is the black market arms trade. This is a section of Moldova east of the Dniester River which bisects the country along its north-south axis. The Russian majority in this region of Moldova was decidedly less enthusiastic about the breakup of the Soviet Union than the joyously independent Moldavians on the west bank. Despite Moldavian offers...

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Nov 20, 2006 - Back in Time

So I found out how to get to Tiraspol today and did it...it involves going to the central bus station, which is not a station per se but a huge, seething organism made up of buses, micro-buses, maxi-taxis and throngs of my fellow alleged humans. You go from "sector" to "sector" (i.e. platform to platform) looking at the signs posted in the bus windows. Actually before I had found one that said "Tiraspol" the driver had found me. These guys are not shrinking violets. I paid him my 25 Moldovan Lei (about 2CAD) and off we went in our mini-bus,...

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