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Mar 6, 2009 - Mekong River - Pakbeng

The first day on the boat we made 1 stop at a tiny little village and took photos of some of the cutest children ever. They were amazed when I vido taped them and then showed them the video back. Too Cute. Mainly I napped (thank you graval) and read because really.. there isn't much else to do! We got to Pakbeng and little boys ran down the sand mountain to carry bags (lazy people used this service-yea child labour) We spent the night in Pakbeng (electricty for a few hours in the morning and evening.. nothing there). After a nice dinner of...

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Oct 22, 2008 - Pakbeng

Wednesday Pak Beng is the first town we've visited that shows us Laos remains a third world country. After spending the day motoring up the Mekong River, this is the mid-way point to the Thai border. This is the town in which those traveling by “slow boat” stay. The village is tiny, but full of little hotels and restaurants. No power line runs here so the village is powered by generator. At 10 PM the generator shuts down and the town goes dark. It is also the first place where my GSM phone has received no signal. Pak Beng recently...

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Mar 12, 2008 - Pakbeng

We left Luang Probang on a long boat for the first day of our journey up the Mekong River to Thailand. The boat could hold up to 80 people but our group of 9 is the only group aboard - it's like having your own private cruise boat. It is very nice with soft seats, a dining area, open sides and a retractable roof. The temperature is in the mid twenties -just perfect for relaxing. There are fishing villages all along the way. They are built high up on the hills away from the banks as the river floods every year. This provides rich sediment to...

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Aug 10, 2007 - Mekong River - Pakbeng. Enter Laos.

On the morning of the 10th, we took boat across the Mekong to enter Laos. Then we boarded a slow boat for the two-day journey down the Mekong to Luang Prabang. The Mekong was wide and brown with lots of little eddies and swirls in it, but our captain had no problems navigating through the beautiful tropical mountains. Occasionally we'd see a boat, but otherwise the river ws empty. Along the riverbanks, we saw straw shelters shere the farmers take a break while tending their upland rice fields, which we saw along the way. Our group had a...

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Jan 18, 2005 - Thai/Laos Bornder - Houay Xai

We left Chiang Mai early in the morning and travelled by minibus for 6 hours through the Thai countryside and across the Meekong to get to our first place in Laos. The Meekong River is a huge, and in parts fast flowing river which we crossed on a very narrow boat to reach Houay Xai where our accomodation for the night was awaiting. Our home for the night was a timber hut with a thatched roof. Outside, in front of our window was several ripe papaya fruit ready to be picked hanging from a tree. The accomodation itself was sparten but clean....

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Oct 17, 2004 - Sabaai - dii Laos

After the 4 hours back to Chang Mai, we arrived in the same state we left - ffewling pretty bad. We decided to upgrade and payed a little extra for a VIP bus to Chiang Khong. This mean't we were entitled to a free Pepsi and air con, which was very sporadic, more cold's in the post for Mrs. P. After 5 hours, there was only 8 foriegners left on the bus all heading up to Chiang Khong. We checked into Ghekko central for the night, had the most amazing Mexican meal over looking the Mekong and Laos in the distance and retired for a sleepless...

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