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Apr 4, 2007 - Tokyo, Trains, Tea and Tamagotchis

Hi people! Last night we arrived in Tokyo at around 5:30 pm here which is around 4:30 am your time but we're one day ahead. We are staying at the Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo which is a beautiful hotel downtown. Today we went to a giant toy store that had 5 huge floors of just stuffies, dolls, games, figurines, and Tamagotchis version 5 and 6 which aren't even out in stores in the US or Canada (or anywhere else for that matter). For those of you who don't know what Tamagotchis are, they are electronic toys that my friends and I all have. Oh yeah,...

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May 25, 2006 - Nikko (05/04/06)

La ville de Nikko, au nord de Tokyo, compte des temples parmi les plus visités du Japon dont certains sont classés au patrimoine mondial. C'est également ici que l'on trouve une des plus anciennes représentations des fameux trois singes de la sagesse (ne rien voir de mal, ne rien entendre de mal, ne rien dire de mal). Die Stadt Nikko, im Norden von Tokyo, birgt Tempel, die zu den meist besuchten in Japan zählen und von denen einige zum Weltkulturerbe gehören. Hier findet man auch eine des ältesten Darstellungen der berühmten drei Affen der...

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May 19, 2006 - Japan: The Land of The Rising Costs

We arrived in Tokyo revitalised after a breakfast of beef and chicken curry, courtesy of Northwest airlines. We caught the train into central Tokyo from the airport and with the cost of the train tickets being 10 times that of China, we immediately realised what was to be the main difference between the countries... thankfully we had already bought a rail pass! We met Mio at Shinagawa train station near where she works, after she had been frantically asking the station employees if they had seen 2 "foreigners". On walking to Mio's home in...

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Sep 10, 2005 - JAPAN: Translating Toyland

Copyright 2005 David Rich 1400 Words jdavidrich@yahoo.com JAPAN: T R A N S L A T I N G T O Y L A N D Welcome to Toyland, an immaculately conceived country cleaner than Singapore without Singaporean coercions, a country often lost in translation. Next, welcome ATMs that disburse $28,000 at a whack, home of the world's richest bank aka the local post office. Welcome to Japan. Proceed directly to the nearest ATM. Skip Tokyo, by far the world's largest and most expensive megapolis. Tokyo is over half again as large as city-trying-harder...

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Mar 15, 2005 - Nikko - Japan

Forgetting to shut the curtain the night before the suns rays poured in and woke us at an ungodly hour, but at least we were ready to get up and see more of Nikko. This has been clearly one of the best days so far, the shrines were diverse and unbelievably ornate. The feeling of climbing higher up the mountains and deeper into the forests to find yet another cultural feast for the eyes is truely indescribable, but i hope my photos will suffice. Later we slipped into a `coffee and cake` shop where i had a chocolate cake literally saturated...

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Mar 14, 2005 - Nikko - Japan

Leaving Tokyo behind, a 2hr train trip North and we were at Nikko, a world heritage site due to its array of beautiful Shrines from the 16th and 17th Century. Working our way higher and higher, the temperature dropping to below freezing with snow at our feet we attempted to find our intended youth hostel. The locals as usual were more than helpful and sweet, and after a strenuous walk we found the place; a tiny semi-detatched Japanese home overlooking the river that bisects Nikko. The friendly owner of the hostel exclaimed that it was too...

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Aug 18, 2004 - Nikko

We visited the very, and uncharacteristically, elaborate Shrines of Nikko with Tomomi Aoki. We strolled slowly around the complex of temples and shrines for a few hours following a map we purchased from an enterprising old man sitting on the entrance steps selling English Guide Maps he himself made. The Shrines were definitely some of the most interesting that we have seen. We also met a man and his father traveling on the same train and we ended up walking around with them for much of the day.

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Feb 2, 2004 - Snow-layered Temples and Vicious Shufus

Took the winding train to UNSECO world heritage listed temple-town Nikko. All was covered in snow which didn't bode well for my recovery from a supposed case of bird flu. Some of you expressed an interest in the travel writing competition I won on the Japanese Setsubun Matsuri, 'Bean-throwing Festival'. Here is the piece with some photos of me in Nikko where I got caught up in it all. When I read it now it sounds very stupid, but I guess it must be ok. Also you can check out the page itself...

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