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Oct 28, 2006 - Koyasan

From Kyoto, we traveled 6 hours by subway, train, cable car and bus to reach Mt. Koya (called Koyasan by the Japanese). Our travels were well worth it- Koyasan is a beautiful town in the mountains with about 115 Buddhist temples nestled in these huge Cyprus trees. We stayed at a Buddhist temple called Tentokuin. You sleep on the standard futons on tatami mats and are served meals by the high school students studying Buddhism at the temple universities. 6 AM sneaks up on you here as you hear people scuffling on the hardwood towards the...

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Jan 8, 2006 - Lost our clothes in a cave

After visiting Ryan's grandparents, we hopped a train about an hour to Matsuzaka. While Kobe beef is world renown, in Japan it is the beef in Matsuzaka that is known for its feeding of spent beer grain and massages to increase the marbling of fat and tenderness. Here we had a quite resonably priced steak lunch, although it was designed for Japanese appetites rather than American ones. After lunch, we again jumped on the train and checked into the Urashima hotel. This hotel is known for the cave bath. Acutally, there are two caves with baths...

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Apr 22, 2005 - Koya San

Koya San was to be reached using a couple of different railways, and finally a vertical cable car into the mountain top resort that is Koya San, the head quarters of the Shingon School of Esoteric Buddhism. Unfortunately what we didnt realise that the bus stop thta we had been using for 4 days would suddenly send us in totally the wrong direction and it would take us 30 mins to notice, hence a one hour detour before we started on the 3hr journey to Koya San. The last hour or so of the journey was amazing, we were on a train that was hugging...

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