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Apr 7, 2019 - Kyushu Island

An early morning departure from Hiroshima took us by express train, then local train, then mini-bus to the Tennenji Temple in Kyusa. The temple was built in 710 and is both a Buddhist Temple and a Shinto Shrine. The figures carved in the rock at the river are called Kawanakafudoson and they are guarding the approach to the temple. It was particularly nice driving through the countryside on Kyushu Island away from the very large population centers that we've been visiting. The rolling hills and mountains are lush with trees and heavy bamboo...

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Aug 8, 2006 - Buddhas

I took a side-trip from Beppu to the town of Usuki, famous for some 700 year-old stone Buddhas and for the potentially deadly-poisonous delicacy fugu (blowfish). Apparently, August is not the season for fugu, so I had to settle for just checking out the Buddhas. The main Buddha's head had fallen off at some point and was laying upright at the foot of the sitting Buddha for many years. It was famous that way, and so controversy ensued a few years ago, when during a restoration process, it was decided to put the Buddha's head back on. There...

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Ring of Fire Tour

Jun 1, 2006 - Yufuin and Beppu

Travel Guide Although guide books aparently dismiss its overtouristization, Yufuin is a more pleasant destination than we expected (although it is expensive, as advertised). It makes an ideal day-trip from Beppu (often compared to Las Vegas, but with hot springs), or a long afternoon stop over on the trip acros Kyushu. Get the excellent English map from the tourist information, and rent a bike if you want (but it's not really necessary). Make sure to pack your onsen gear into your day-pack (towel, soap, etc.). Head *away* from the...

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Apr 16, 2005 - Beppu - A nice, long, bath

Pete and I decided to take a trip to Beppu and Fukuoka, on the southern main island of Kyushu. It was our last trip together in Japan, from April 15th to 18th, 2005. These photos are from several hot spring pools we toured in Beppu, Japan's ONSEN capital. Remember, "onsen" means "volcanic spring". It is in Oita prefecture (province), Kyushu, and in a picturesque bay. The city is famed for its nine JIGOKUs, or, "hell ponds" or just "hells"; "Jigoku" refers to the burning hell of the buddhist sutras (scriptures). They are (in no particular...

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