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Aug 1, 2018 - The Benesse/Ando Art Island

Naoshima Island is reknowned for its architecture & art. The original concept, in the mid-1980's, was that of the CEO, Tetsuhiko Furutake, of Benesse Corporation; publishing & education business. Architect Tadao Ando designed the Benesse House which functioned as a hotel and the museum to house the art collection of the corporation; Benesse House opened in 1992. The design focus was to integrate the building with the surrounding natural landscape. Subsequently, other Ando designed buildings have opened : Chichu Museum (2004), Lee Ufan...

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Nov 14, 2013 - Naoshima and Teshima

NAOSHIMA Well Wow~~~~this place has been a bit of a find. It isn't a big secret as we read about it in Lonely Planet but still didn't really appreciate what we were coming too until we got here. We met Edie on the train from Okayama. An American lady (66) from California but originally Nashville, so she had a southern accent, looked arty and was travelling without luggage. We got chatting and discovered that she had left her handbag on the train the day before with all her money and passport. So she travelled back to Okayama to collect it...

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Aug 20, 2011 - Night at the Museum

Naoshima is a small island in Japan's Inland Sea. It's home to several good museums and has become something of a Mecca for art lovers. Lisa and I decided to splurge and spend the night at Benesse House Museum. The building was designed by architect Tado Ando. After leaving Okayama we took two trains to the town of Uno. From there it was another 20 minute ferry ride and bus ride to Benesse House. We were too early to check in so we wondered around the museum and then had some lunch at the cafe. They offered only two things, tuna in a pita...

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