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Nov 18, 2008 - JR passes and Nagoya

Today was our last opportunity for our JR passes to arrive as we were leaving Osaka the next day. The tracking website had the parcel as landing in Osaka at 9:40am on Tuesday, so we thought it would be only a short time until it came to our hotel. After waiting until about 1:30pm we grew impatient and Jeff thought it would be good for us to go to the DHL office. Good idea he suggested that because the package was just sitting there. A big chip off our shoulders was lifted when we finally grabbed hold of the sacred JR passes. Now that we...

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May 3, 2007 - Nagoya

Vaer hilset! Du har enda ikke gaat lei? Bra! Etter ett aar paa tur er Jo endelig tilbake i Nagoya, hvor hun tilbrakte ca. 2 aar som engelsklaerer. Hennes gode venninne og kollega Tamako og ektemann Ken tilboed gratis overnatting, noe som hjelper paa oekonomien - Japan er dyrt! Gamle venner og kollegaer overgikk hverandre i aa arrangere velkomstfester, og Frode overgikk de fleste i aa drikke sake! Glade dager, med andre ord! Overnatting hjemme hos Tamako og Ken boed ogsaa paa input til mine studier av japanerne. I hjemmet er det fruen som...

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Jul 28, 2006 - The Zoo, Big Men, and All Lady Like

Here is what I have been up to the last two months. Going to the zoo... I went to the zoo with my friend, Guqin. Guqin is from China and has been teaching Chinese in Japan. She is fluent in Japanese and I have been told that she has no Chinese accent. I have met up with Guqin a couple of times. I met her at a Cherry Blossom viewing party. She will be moving to Motsuyama to be with her husband who is studying medicine. Motsuyama is about 5 hours away. I hope to go with her to Beijing. She has also invited me to visit her family who lives...

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Jan 24, 2006 - Predicting the future

Since I do not expect to have any internet access until I return home, I am putting this out in advance. Our plans call to travel on to Kanazawa and visit the "Ninja Temple" Then we will travel on to Nagoya and spend time with my in-laws and local sightseeing in Nagoya before returning home on Thursday.

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Jan 7, 2006 - Return to the Land of the Rising Sun

Had the chance to sleep in late this morning as the hotel was about 10 minutes from the Incheon Airport. Uneventful flight returning to Kansai Airport. From there we took an express train and connected to the Bullet Train to Nagoya. After checking in at the hotel, we headed out to Ryan's grandparents. We had stashed some of our luggage there from our first landing in Japan and made some exchanges in what we are carrying. Ryan left early to meet a friend from school. Not quite sure, but there was a big smile on his face as he left and...

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Oct 24, 2005 - Japan...Nagoya

Nagoya is a large modern city south of Tokyo and very clean and very restrictive. By restrictive I mean such things as...customs will not let you in unless you have the address of your hotel.(which I didn't..so I threatened to lay down and sleep in the immigaration area..mind you...they didn't like that but let me pass); no smoking anywhere not even on the streets..only in a few designated area; you must be out of the hostel every day from 10am to 3pm, no showering till 6pm, no food or drink in your room. etc etc...you get the idea. Anyway...

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Sep 10, 2005 - Exploring Nagoya

After a very short ride on Nazomi Shinkansen (700 series bullet train) I found myself in the middle of the bustling Nagoya train station. To say that it's just a station would be a grave injustice. It is actually an indoor city. The station was completed in 1997 and consists of the rail terminal, 10 story department store complex, a high rise hotel tower, a high rise office tower and a sprawling underground shopping with multiple food courts and a supermarket. As I was waiting for Takashi (a friend of a friend who generously offered me a...

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Sep 1, 2005 - World Expo 2005

September 1, 2005 Aichi, Japan Natalya It took us a whole month to finally decide on a date to visit the World Expo in Aichi, Japan. We heard that Expo here is very busy, especially on Japanese holidays and weekends. We finally decided to go on Thursday, September 1. We later found out that close to 170,000 people visited the Expo that day. No wonder why it was so busy. Aichi is located about 6 hours by car from Tokyo and about 45 minutes away from Nagoya. We took the 6:20am train in the morning and in 2 hours were in Nagoya. The subway...

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Jul 28, 2005 - Expo

The day Ryan has been waiting for. Expo Day!!! I've been excited about the expo ever since I heard that is was in Japan. I have fond memories of Mom taking us to Expo '86 in Vancouver and was interested to see how the experience would be now that I was older. We arrived and (while waiting in horrendous lines for trains and security checks) met an Aussie Bloke named Simon. We chatted for a while and he gave us alot of insight about where to go and what to do in Australia. With Simon, we checked out some national pavillions. Australia...

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Apr 11, 2005 - (Not Quite) As Fast As A Speeding Bullet

After my indulgences in the park on Sunday, I had the great idea of sleeping in and leaving for Takayama after the Monday morning rush-hour. No such luck, as I was awoken at 7:30am by a minor earthquake. Yes, you heard that right. 6.1 on the Richter scale if you don't mind. As I was lying down at the time, and only on the second floor, I only felt a gentle rocking back and forth - about four or five oscillations. Not scary at all, although my eyes did move towards the bookshelf behind my pillow! I wonder what it would have felt like if I...

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