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May 27, 2010 - Morioka or The Feat of the Cherry Tree

The small square in front of the Hiraizumi station (about 40 minutes from Morioka where I have set up camp), is empty as I walk from station to the tourist information for a map and directions to the Chison-ji temple complex. Hiraizumi is a now a quiet backwater of a town, but in its heyday, 900 years ago, when three generations of the Fujiwara clan made Hiraizumi the centre of their rule over the Oshu part of Tohuku (northern Honshu), it was rivaling Kyoto in importance and splendor. I have promised myself that this will be the last temple...

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Aug 25, 2006 - Lake Tazawa

Hey everyone, this is Justin. I just wanted to give you an account of what has transpired over the last couple of days. So, let's see...We left Sendai in the morning and then headed to find the Loople Bus to tour Sendai Castle. However, after getting lost in our first 5 minutes on the streets of Sendai we finally agreed to just head to the bus stop at the Sendai train station. Only a minute afer we got there the bus arrived and then headed out. I didn't really appreciate how crowded public transportation is in Japan. Loads of people! The...

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May 27, 2006 - Iwate Park and Morioka Castle

FINALLY... I found a way to get on the internet... a Manga (Comic) cafe, 400 yen or $4 an hour not too bad... I think I can even upload pictures and what I have written on my pda (note... I have no idea where the apostophie (sp????) is on this keyboard, or some other characters, so bear with me) Went to see the Castle ruins today here in Morioka... not much is left really other then one of the walls. Now it is a rather nice park, playground area, etc. Saw the totem pole from Victoria BC.... yup... it is a totem pole all right. Suprised at...

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Adventures in Japan

May 13, 2005 - Australia to Japan

Well the adventure begins... After travelling the 350kms by car we were able to catch up with Anthony and Imelda for dinner at an Indian restaurant called marinades. After a few beers and conversation with an Indian family who took control of Kai while we were indulging in our food we then headed for the Cairns International Airport. We were expecting to pick up tickets for some China domestic legs but the counter was closed. This created a major problem as we had to arrange a re-issue of tickets to be picked upat Shanghai Pudong Airport....

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Jun 23, 2004 - Change of Plans

We were originally planning to travel in China before heading to India but our wallets and our desire to spend more time in India have changed our plans somewhat. We are now going to head directly to India and then on to Thailand before returning to Japan briefly. Then it is back to Canada.

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