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Apr 8, 2018 - Osaka to Koyasan

Today we travelled up into the mountains to Koyasan. It took 2 trains, a cable car (it was really a funicular railway) and a bus to get there. Koyasan is basically a small town made up of monasteries practising Shingon Buddhism. We stayed at one of these monasteries.It was a high tech monastery with free wifi, a computer room, a coffee machine and high tech toilets (in keeping with the rest of Japan). Unfortunately it got down to -1 at night and we were only sleeping behind paper screen doors We went for a walk to the major monastery, then...

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Oct 27, 2015 - Kyoto to Koyasan

This morning we travelled on 4 different trains then a funicular to get to Koyasan which is a holy mountain & famous Buddhist pilgrimage site. It was World Heritage listed in 2004 & this year is celebrating its 1,200th anniversary so there are even more pilgrims than usual. The story is that Kobo Daishi Kukai travelled to China in the early 800s & discovered the new religion of Buddhism. He threw a gold bar from China to Japan then came back to look for it (don't ask me why but no sillier than lots of Bible stories). After travelling around...

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Nov 17, 2014 - Koyasan

Koyasan Mon 17th Nov. Fine today, 7 - 18ºC. I have a sore right instep and was going to rest it today as I have some long walks Tuesday and Wednesday, but I really wanted to see Koyasan at least for one day. See a great official guide here http://www.koyasan.or.jp/en/meguru/sights.html So I decided on a day trip to Koyasan, founded as a Shingon Temple on the top of Mt Koya by the monk Kobo Daishi in the year 816. Since then many more temples and shrines have been added, and it has grown to the present day town with a population of 4,000....

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