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Jul 23, 2018 - Hiking Kaimon-Dake

Our desire to hike Mt. Aso in central Kyushu was thwarted by its volcanic activity. So instead, from Kagoshima we decided to rent a car and drive 50km south along the coast to Kaimon-dake. Although a volcano, it was last active in the 8th century. Enjoyable ride which took us along the north shore of Lake Ikeda. It is a volcanic remnant 750 feet deep. Also has a resident population of eels that can grow to 6 feet long ! Might explain why no swimmers were noticed as we drove along the lake shoreline ! Kaimon-dake has a summit elevation of...

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Jul 22, 2018 - Beefcake Boys & Pole Dancing

Well we thought we'd spend a leisurely day seeing a few sights around the city. So we rode the tram across town and then walked northwest up to an observation point overlooking city center. From there we had great views of Mt. Sakurajima, east across the bay. It is one of Earth's most active volcanoes, and only 10km from city center. It has been 'continuously' erupting since its first recorded such event in the 8th century. Major eruption in 1914 connected the former volcanic island in the bay to the mainland on the east. It emits ash &...

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Jul 21, 2018 - Kagoshima at the southern end of Kyushu

Rode a local commuter train to Kurume in order to ride the Shinkansen down to Kagoshima. The rail service in Japan has been a convenient, user-friendly pleasure to use. Even in the smaller rail station the arrival departure information is easily understood. Even to the extent of markers either on the passenger platforms, or marked in the gravel along the tracks, indicating where the doors for the train cars, will stop; and whether that door is for car #3, for a six car train, or car #8 on a sixteen car train; AND whether that car is for...

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Mar 29, 2016 - Kagoshima and Kumamoto

Kagoshima Tues 29th 7-17°C hazy Out of bed early (7:00) and off to Hakata to catch the shinkansen to Kagoshima, about an hour and a half trip. At the Hakata ticket office we obtained seats on the next Sakura leaving at 8:57. Just had time to buy some breakfast from the bread shop, lots of variety and fillings to choose from. Can't call the shinkansen to Kagoshima a scenic ride, it's oh, nice view - tunnel-tunnel-tunnel - nice view - tunnel-tunnel and so forth. At the Kagoshima-Chuo station info desk bought "Welcome Cute" day passes, which...

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Feb 15, 2016 - Kagoshima

@@@@@@@ BACKGROUND Here’s some of what the Lonely Planet – Japan chapter Kyūshū has to say about Kagoshima: “Sunny Kagoshima has a personality to match its climate, voted Japan’s friendliest city nationwide. Its backdrop/deity is Sakurajima, a very active volcano just across the bay. Locals raise their umbrellas against the mountain’s recurrent eruptions, when fine ask coast the landscape like snow and obscures the sun like fog – mystical and captivating. The entire prefecture even has a special ‘Ash Forecast’ as part of the weather report....

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Sep 21, 2015 - Kagoshima

Out to the Sakurogema volcano. It has 'puffed' over 350 times so far this year. A bit more than usual. It had two eruptions last century both in the first half, so is considered to be overdue for another 'blow. The last two, were not big bangs...more gentle lava flows. From the volcano to a car ferry to take a short cut across the bay to Kagashima. Then, guess what? it was time for LUNCH. More taking off shoes before entering dining area; sitting on the floor, Legs tucked under. Chopsticks use improving!! (must have been too...

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Jun 18, 2014 - under the volcano

Geologically speaking Japan is a new country. Mainland and new islands are regularly being added by volcanoes and the tectonic plates slip and slide around the Ring of Fire causing earthquakes and tremors here. The four main islands of Japan are relatively quiet these days, but the residents of Kagoshima on Kyushu get reminded of their tenuous existence an average of three times a day when ash floats down on their heads from nearby Sakurajima volcano. Major eruptions were documented as far back as the 1400’s, and a huge blow in 1914 lasted...

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Mar 16, 2008 - Kagoshima, Japan

Trivia Question… Naples Italy has a sister city… can you name it? If you said Kagoshima, Japan- you are correct! The reason they are sister cities… both have active volcanoes (Naples has Vesuvius/ Kagoshima has Mt. Sakurajima). The really neat thing about an active volcano is that you can see from far away, so you don’t need to take time to go to where it is… there was a big busload of people from the ship that evidently didn’t know that. We walked past the long bus line and grabbed a taxi to head to Senganen Gardens… “the best known...

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Mar 12, 2008 - Let the games begin!!!

OK, we started riding!!! We picked up our bikes, all were in good shape after their long journey. We spent the afternoon riding around Sakura Jima, an active volcano just a short ferry ride outside of Kagoshima. We rode 17 miles before it got dark and we returned to our hotel. Just one unexpected failure was bike lock that broke.

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Nov 7, 2007 - Arrived in Kyushu Island, Kagoshima

An early start today and off we go to Kagoshima to meet our guide for the next week. Since this is such a short entry we'll add a few top tips/things we've learned about Japan: - Vending machines are everywhere for everything, particularly in Tokyo - You can get hot coffee in a can in the vending machines - Cash is king in Japan, a lot of places don't take plastic - The only place to use international bank/visa cards to get cash is Japan Post ATM machines, stock up each visit! - Japanese really are as polite as is rumored - The transport...

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Jun 2, 2006 - Kagoshima (13-14/04/06)

Nous sommes allés à Kagoshima, au bout de l'île de Kyushu, la Naples du Japon dit-on, pour admirer le volcan Sakurajima, toujours en activité et situé sur une péninsule, en face de Kagoshima. Nous avons été un peu déçus, car le volcan ne s'est pas complètement dévoilé, à cause de la pluie, et en plus, il y a quand même moins de linge à sécher en travers des rues et moins d'ambiance de façon générale à Kagoshima qu'à Naples... Wir sind nach Kagoshima, am Ende der Insel Kyushu, gefahren, das "Neapel von Japan", wie man sagt, um den Vulkan...

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