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Jun 6, 2019 - Day 23 - Treviso into Austria

Day 23 - Thursday 6 June 19 - Treviso We returned to our hole in the wall breakfast spot of yesterday at 0830 hrs for a sandwich, pastries and coffee before recovering the car from the nearby free car park. The 50 km drive to Padua/ Padova was via Noale to avoid the main freeway. Entry to the city provided no problems and a large car park in the centre was easily found; 1 km from our objective the Basilica di San’t Antonio. We set off for the Basilica to be immediately waylaid by the Abbey of Santa Giustina ( Justina). As a young Christian...

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Jun 5, 2019 - Day 22 - Treviso

Day 22 - Wednesday 5 June - Treviso We were dressed and ready to farewell A&J as they headed for Triest at 0930 hrs. Today was planned as a rest day, however, we continued to walk areas of the town centre we had not visited yesterday. As a result, we believe we have found a nice well hidden restaurant for dinner tonight. A further purpose of the morning walk was to purchase a European area pre paid phone card; A&J’s tale of a blown car tyre in a remote locality and many phone calls for assistance a sobering experience. At what I think is a...

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Jun 4, 2019 - Day 21 - Treviso

Day 21 - Tuesday 4 June 19 - Treviso A&J are only planning to be in Treviso for two days so it was agreed they would decide the days itinerary. The first objective was to walk the western wall to the Tuesday market . We were immediately acquainted with the many waterways that divide the old town and individual properties with water moving quite quickly. We could see why there is reference to the town having similarities with Venice. The stalls were primarily fashion, flower and cheeses. A morning tea break was taken at a town entry at the...

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Jun 3, 2019 - Day 20 - Treviso

Day 20 - Monday 3 June 19 - Treviso Our trip to date through Italy has been based on a mother’s love/admiration for her daughter’s enthusiasm and good judgement; she visited in Jul last year and mother has wanted to replicate her experiences. Today we return to our itinerary by visiting Treviso 50km SE of Bassano DG. Our planned first point of call was Villa Maser ( Villa Barbaro) 22km E, however, a poor memory and the failure to check opening times left us looking at the Villa from the front gate. While the building is large and has an...

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Jul 25, 2009 - Goodbye Monfumo Italy

Goodbye Monfumo Italy We did the long trip back to Monfumo from Rome, stopping at Bologna for McDonalds on the way. I think that's what Bologna is famous for - right? In our last few days we caught up with more relatives, and consumed more food and wine. We had lunch at Helen’s cousin Roberta’s on top of Monfumo. The boys were impressed be Filipo’s lego collection. We had a large Dall’Est clan lunch at a picturesque agriturismo place. This extended back to one of the cousins houses where he showed us (and gave Helen a piece) some of his...

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Jul 16, 2009 - Monfumo Italy

Monfumo Italy We headed back to Monfumo and the beautiful green Italian hills. We caught up with Helen’s Zii (that’s plural for uncle and aunt) and the Nonni again. We washed clothes, rested, chased frogs and caught up with more Italian family and I cannot neglect to say – consumed plenty of great food and drink. I cannot communicate well, so everyone just keeps giving me more food and drink, especially the lemoncello. It is such beautiful countryside!

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Sep 24, 2007 - Treviso, Italy (Hotel All'Orso)

Here we are in Italy. After a four-hour drive from Graz, we arrived in Biancade at Hotel All'Orso, 12 km outside of Treviso. Autobahn driving is quite straight forward; unfortunately, driving within Italian towns is not quite as easy. The towns are filled with roundabouts that can certainly get a person turned roundabout! We did manage to find our way to the walled town of Treviso. The walled part of the town is surrounded by a moat. It was fairly quiet mid afternoon on a Monday as many of the shops were closed, but it was still a lovely...

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Dec 31, 2004 - Roveredo in Piano, Italy

Yesterday we left Rome to go back up north to Jonathan and Isabel's house. I have been waiting for a package here for a week. I assumed that it would be here by now but its stuck in customs. So today it's 4pm and we are still in our pajamas. Lazy day sitting around watching all kinds of movies. Its a perfect day off! Everyone have a Great New Years!! Lots of love and be safe! Laura and Lindsay

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