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May 25, 2005 - Day 45 - Sicily

Palermo to be exact. My last entry said I was going to be in Cagliari for a couple of days - but that all changed when I arrived there at around 5.30pm and went straight to the Ferry Terminal to suss out times to Corsica - they didn't sail to Palermo until the Friday (it was Monday) - so ended up on a Ferry that night at 7pm going to somehwere in Sicily (Trapani). Arrived the next morning at 8am (13 hours on the ferry - yay) and as had met a nice man (no gossip there) he dropped me off at the Bus station and within 3 minutes of arriving...

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May 22, 2005 - Boating & hiking Lo Zingarro; To Monreale/ Palermo

Yesterday we took a boat tour from Castellammare to the Upper end of the Zingaro Reserve with Cetaria diving excursions. We were in a little rubber boat with two Italian guides and two other tourists, Walter and Annette from Brussels, an older couple on their honeymoon. It was so pleasant, and just gorgeous- turquoise and azure water, white and orange cliffs spotted with shrubby little palms, cacti, and flowering bushes. We could see people hiking on the dusty trail along the cliffs and on the little beaches, but we had the sea to...

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May 11, 2005 - Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo has canolies and we ate canolies and Dan ate two canolies and Ben ate no canolies. If Amit ate one canolies, how many canolies are left? Amit got olives stuffed with peppers from the market and Ben got cheese and bread from the same place. Getting to Palermo took so long because the train tracks were broken so the bus took us to almost Palermo and then we took a train to Palermo but it got in at midnight which is a very late time for a train to get in when you have to find a hotel. But not to worry, because we found one and it was...

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Apr 12, 2005 - Simmering in Sicily!

Hey Yall... I think I've left yall twisting in the air waiting to find out where we are right now long enough. so here goes "Gimme S"...I didn't see anyone spelling out the "S" letter! Come on...let's play for old man's sake! "Gimme I...gimme C...gimme I...gimme L...gimme Y!!!!" Yes...Sicily it is. We changed our course once again and went for the southernmost part of Italy and that happened to be Sicily! We also found a reasonable apartment to rent for a week via Internet. Took us 11 long hours by train to get here from Orvieto and the...

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Nov 16, 2004 - Palermo, Sicily

I arrived at the port town of Milazzo on Sicily to catch the bus to the train station for the ride to Palermo. At the tabacchi (tobacco shop) where you buy bus tickets I met Tom from Australia. We caught the bus and bought tickets to Palermo. We talked on the train and he clamped his digital camera to a shelf at his seat and made short video clips of the passing landscape which he downloaded to his iPod. At the station in Palermo we got a bite (Mcdonald's for me) and checked out a hotel out of the guidebook. On our second try we checked...

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Oct 5, 2004 - Palermo

We arrived in Palermo at 6.45, having got up early again we were able to see it in the early hours with lights still ablaze and it made a lovely docking. This city is the capital of Sicily its origins were mostly violent, they were occupied in the 4th & 5th century BC and built a wall to protect it from the Greeks. The Romans took control after a long siege in 245BC. We took a tour to Cefalu a small village about 1 hour from Palermo to visit the Duomo Del Cristo Pantocratore which is a Cathedral, very plain on the outside but the Altar...

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May 22, 2004 - Did the Sicilians lose the recipe for a good cappuccino?

On to Nothern Sicily we hit the town of Cefalu, a pleasant coastal town with a towering Duomo, a nice beach, and wandering streets. Then, onto Palermo, the capital of Sicily. We received so much information about the filth, trash and crumbling buildings, we were prepared for the worst but discovered a decently squared-away city. The one thing they both had in common was a major downgrade on our daily pleasure, the cappuccino. It went to weak, milky coffee.

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