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Jun 19, 2017 - Sori, italy

I took the train for the short trip from Sestri Levante to Sori. I never know what to expect when I arrive to these towns I've never before heard of, nor do I know what type of living arrangement I am stepping into. Thus far I have booked all of my rooms and apartments through Airbnb. When I was with Matt and Hayley I booked the entire apartment. But when I'm by myself I book only a private room. A room is anything ranging from a room the size of a broom closet off a random stairway of a building, to a room in an apartment shared with other...

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Jun 16, 2017 - Sestri Levante, Santa Margherita Ligure & Portofino

Arrived in Sestri Levante by train. My host Massi met me at Piazza Republica and we walked the short distance to the house. Very nice room with a little yard where he serves breakfast of focaccia, coffee, watermelon and juice in the morning. So far no other guest but me in this two bedroom apartment in a residential complex. I made dinner last night of fresh spaghetti, pesto, baguette, and a some vino of course. What I like about Sestri is that although it is on the Italian riviera, it is not very touristy. A small town and very local, but...

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Jun 10, 2017 - A golden day!

Saturday: What do you do on your first full day in Venice? You take one look at the crowds a and head for the hills! We had always wanted to visit some of the hill towns in the Veneto and while in Parma we booked a tour for today. We met the guide, Marco, at the car parking station of Venice and the tour was to depart at 9am. Marco was supposed to have eight people but two pulled out last night. Then he waited and nobody else arrived so after getting the all clear from his bosses, we set off a bit after nine - just the two of us and...

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May 21, 2017 - The Capella della Madonna de Vitaletta

Heading back to Siena this little town was a quick stop before visiting the very famous Chapel which is found on most postcards when looking at Tuscany. We were going to have a picnic there but as it was a Sunday struggled to find a supermarket open so had a quick lunch at San Querico then went out to the chapel. Once we had finished there it was back to Siena for the night. This time our motel was on the outskirts of the town, very easy to find and park.

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May 21, 2017 - Leaving Montepulciano

After another delicious and very filling breakfast we were ready to head to Pienza but first we wanted to visit the famous cathedral- La Doma- situated just below the town. The photos do not do it justice. As it was Sunday,there was a service on, so we only slipped in the door to quickly view the inside. Apparently the architect was famous for his fortress buildings but he did a pretty good job on this church. Building started in 1459.

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May 21, 2017 - Pienza and surrounding towns and valleys

About 14km from Montepulciano's Duoma is our next town, Pienza. Another typical, beautiful renaissance town. Beautiful views everywhere and where flowers adorn archways and window boxes. Macrame is on display in to Another coffee and yummo pastry to be shared. Nearby is a well photographed famous church in a field we will be stopping at.

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May 18, 2017 - Hire car, then Panzano

After breakfast at La Mirage it was off to pick up the hire car. A bit of a false start without our passports but eventually we got the keys to our fiat 500, 5 door hatch. I'm calling her Firenze (Florence) or Fifi for short. She is very new with only 500km on the clock. It is a push button start/stop 6 speed manual car so lots of learning curves but a little like Nemo (my Swift) in some ways. We headed out of Florence with Toni navigating the scenic route with first stop to be Panzano. Beautiful countryside on the way with poppies and...

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May 3, 2017 - Switzerland

Left Milan this morning with the prospect of more rain. Not what we were hoping for our scenic side trip to Switzerland on the Maggiore Express. Luckily weather held out until we were nearly finished for the day. While tripping along the Alps just before the Swiss border we came upon a station at the small village of Re. If you’re looking for something different for your next holiday you can come to Re and hire a bike at the train 𯚂 station and spend a few hours of extreme cycling. We spent the arvo at Locarno and Ascona where we...

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Sep 22, 2016 - Lake Garda

Tuesday 20th Sept. Left the lovely campsite at Venice mid morning, heading for Lake Garda. Traffic very heavy on the toll road, which was in a dreadful state, thankfully the charge was very low too. When we got to the area at the South of the Lake, the traffic and multitude of people was worse than Skeggy on a Bank Holiday. By then we were both tired so drove on until we saw Lidl, where we parked,I got lunch while Roy shopped. Refreshed we drove on about a mile, to camp Tiglio, which Roy had chosen. Another good choice. Right by the water,...

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Aug 28, 2016 - Fire in La Pieve

The lead up to leaving La Pieve in the beautiful back hills of Viareggio seemed to drag on a little but finally the green light was given. Colin and Yara picked me up on Friday night on their way to Pisa for their flight home to Barcelona so I could get the hire car. Colin had instructions to leave the work car in Carpark 4. So, we got to Pisa Airport turn off and started following the signs to Carpark 4 and we are driving and driving then cross the back of the runway, along the motorway a little more, a few more bends and it felt not...

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Jun 28, 2016 - Medieval Towns

Elton made bacon and eggs, juice, strawberries, toast and jam for breakfast. We did a little research and headed out on the road. First stop, San Gimignano a very old town with several towers, which make it very unique looking. There are several towers and the view approaching the town is very striking. Once in the town we wandered around. There are shops all along the main street. There is a museum and the entrance is very well maintained, but decided to skip the rest of the museum for other adventures. Then we sat on the church steps and...

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Jun 27, 2016 - Castello Di Albola

Up and head down to the COOP for groceries. Everyone was there. So was Nana. We said Hi. We picked up 6 huge bottles of Heineken Beer of 6.60 Euros.. Great purchase. Took the groceries home and headed to the Lavandria. As I did the wash Elton headed out to find a car wash. A girl in the laundromat suggested a location. So Elton drove all over the country side to fine the car wash next door. So clean clothes and a clean car. Quick shower and head down the highway to Castello Di Albola. A winery that the Zonin's own.. you remember them from a...

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