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Apr 10, 2018 - Monday and Tuesday in Rome

Greetings from Rome! We arrived early Monday morning after a sleepless flight to see Rome had less than perfect weather. We had pouring rain and strong winds all day but how bad can it be? We were in Rome! After a slight mishap with the shuttle we ordered we went to our lovely apartment with the delightful host, Francesco. Lunch at Donati's then to the train station to figure out the Metro. Francesco had told us there are only two lines because every time they start digging in Rome they find ancient ruins and have to call in an...

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Trip to Italy

Apr 10, 2018 - Italy

Friday March 30 Arrived by plane in Rome and took a train from the airport to Roma Termini and stayed at a nearby guesthouse. It was a good location for leaving by train for Lecce at 8am the next day. On the positive side the bed was very comfortable but the downside was overheating, non operational air con and fridge, boiling hot water in shower and very poor WiFi. Didn’t do much - just walked up to Republica for dinner. It’s good to be back in Rome. A little rain. Saturday March 31 Very pleasant fast train to Lecce about 5 1/2 hours...

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Jan 29, 2018 - FINAL SEMESTER

Hey guys so it has been quite some time since I updated my blog. So first let me start off with how last semester ended. So I passed all my classes, with the exception of the C in anthropology. That teacher was just not a nice guy come time to the end of the class. O well all other classes I got A's and B's, so I will pretend the C does not exist. Now on to break: First and foremost It Was VERY Cold! I should have been used to it due to we lived in Missouri for a little while and dealt with cold but this was a different type of cold. This...

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Nov 13, 2017 - Lost track of time

Hey guys so its been a while since i have updated you guys. So I will start at break. For our Fall break Haley and I went home to the States and enjoyed the luxury of a comfy bed and nice hot water. We also got to enjoy the comforting from our puppy Boris. Speaking of this mastiff, guess who received some professional training. Yep he no longer needs to be alpha when we walk, now he is all follower......as long as the family follows the rules of the training session. The guy was super nice and it was a very educational and different style...

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Oct 30, 2017 - Dear Mum, A Letter From Italy

Dear Mum, It’s official. You heard it here first. If there was anywhere else in the world Lauren and I could call home it would be Italy. It didn’t take long at all for us to come to that conclusion this time around. And Kaz, I know you will be more than happy to visit us on a regular basis if we were to move here. Everyone is welcome – accommodation free. Flying into Rome for both of us this time felt like we were returning home. Arriving at the airport instantly bought memories back from last year when we were meeting Kaz in the arrivals...

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Oct 29, 2017 - October 27-29 Rome

We left Traverse City on Thursday October 26, flying from Traverse City to Detroit, and then on to Rome. Jocelyn met us at the TVC airport, and Milda welcomed us at DTW. The two Delta flights were fine; we had paid extra to secure bulkhead seats, which give more legroom and a place to stand up, but nothing can replace a bed to lie down when it comes to bedtime. None of us had much sleep, since it's hard to doze off when the plane is shaking a bit (so you really want to keep your seatbelt fastened securely), and just about the time that you...

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Oct 26, 2017 - Week Six and Seven

Alright well week six was awesome. I had so much fun at the dog show and at the Archeology of Star Wars lecture. Its amazing how archeology can be everywhere. It just depends on what you consider heritage and important. The dog show was amazing. I have never been to a professional dog show before and this was so cool. Talk about puppy overload!!!! There were so many different breeds including labs, goldens, mastiffs, small dogs, they even have a great dane puppy. OMG talk about clumsy. It was so cute. Got lots of cute pics. I think the...

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Oct 18, 2017 - Rome, Italy

We have both visited Italy on several previous occasions and have seen many of the historical sites. On this visit, we wanted to spend all our time in Rome in order to provide a comprehensive description and photos for our travel blog. Harman has a very special memory of a visit to Rome in the early seventies when he attended a mass at the Vatican. That was during the time when the Pope was carried by the attendants down the aisle to the podium. Harman was a guest and sitting on the front row by the aisle. When Pope John Paul I, 1978-1978...

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Oct 15, 2017 - Preparing to leave town

Entry by Lois On October 26, John & I will be taking off to spend three weeks in southern Italy. We'll fly from Traverse City to Detroit, and then on to Rome. Our friends Jocelyn and Milda will be joining us on this adventure. Last winter we decided to register for a Road Scholar hiking trip in Western Sicily, which begins when we meet the group on November 2. Here is a link to a description of that part of our journey:...

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Oct 11, 2017 - Week Five

Hey sorry for the late up-date. Last week was crazy. I had so much to do from working on papers to making room for an onsite visit that would last three hours plus working on my resume and Statement of Purpose for graduate school. Anyway Monday went so fast and we started our new class which focuses on qualitative data verses quantitative data. I prefer quantitative data because qualitative requires too much writing and interviewing. I'd rather deal with numbers over interviewing. Tuesday went like it always did except I had a midterm in...

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Oct 5, 2017 - A cooking class before we zoom out of Roma

Just a small note- we have just returned back to our hotel after cooking our own dinner. A private cooking class, just a small Metro ride away. Plenty of fun and many laughs. Appetisers of roman broccoli crema con sfoglie al pecorino, with a hint of chilli, topped with puff pastry and pecorino cheese fingers. Roman style pasta carbonara. Saltimbocca alla romana, served with mint and zucchini. Tiramisu - so good. Now trying to repack the case. A bit sad our adventure with this chocolate box of pure delight is ending in the morning. We will...

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Oct 5, 2017 - Roma

Just done a small 12 kms or more walking around this noisy city looking at the sites. It feels quite safe. Gypsies not so evident. Did the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain- tossed the coin in so we will be back, sat on Spanish steps to name a few of the touristy places. After a hour or so rest, we are off to cooking school. Tomorrow is the end of the Francigena walk. So we say farewell to our new found friends and head south for a pizza in Naples- as you do! Love Giana and Marco

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