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Nov 2, 2011 - All Souls Day

Today it was All Souls Day - so at the morning assembly we remembered Jen Fisher who along with Ann is the person that got this center in Chetpet started - she sadly died before seeing it as it is today. A couple of the teachers were also late in because they have a big service at the graveyard in the morning to remember all the people they have lost. It sounds really sad but its actually really nice and as they always do manage to make the best of the situation, I went to the graveyard at lunchtime and it was covered in flowers, candles,...

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Oct 29, 2011 - Week Four and Diwali

OMG I have not had the internet all week and its amazing how much I missed it...... This week has been a bit quieter the school was closed Tues and Wed for Diwali celebrations and it’s basically been pouring of rain on and off all week. The town seems to have celebrated Diwali with lots of bangers etc going off, one morning at about 7am just about jumped out of bed with the fright. Its the Hindu festival of light and they light fireworks and sparklers, celebrate and give gifts etc. I have also had the cold so felt a bit sorry for myself,...

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Oct 22, 2011 - Rain

Had school this morning then thought I will pop out to the shops for water, crisps and chocolate (well its Saturday) etc. On my way back it started raining OMG did it rain I was in the little supermarket and thought what to do, I did not have that far to go so thought I could not stand there so took a chance rolled up my trousers and off I went, well it was like I had been in the shower with my clothes on, I was soaking. xxxxxxxxx

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Oct 19, 2011 - Any excuse

Hello well if you have had an encounter with any Indians you will know that they don't need much reason to have a little celebration (they luv a wee party) and yesterday at school we had a little special assembly at the end of the day for to mark the date of a couple of things - ex prime ministers birthday and national hand washing day, there were little speeches and the local paper came to take photos, then there was sweeties, it was all good. Talking about their little ways you know when you go to a shop eg fruit shop, (in Chetpet we have...

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Oct 17, 2011 - Monday

Well another weekend in Chetpet has passed, Mum and Kerry have sussed out a way to call me cheaply which is good, the bad bit is them telling me about what they are doing and eating and drinking wine.............. Oh I miss wine But on the positive I must be getting a little healthier you would think. Had a relaxing weekend then did my washing today (by hand I may add) and popped down the shops for a stock up on some supplies, found these little veggie sausage roll things which are quite nice, although not healthy, but got some fruit to...

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Oct 14, 2011 - Friday of Week two

That's me been in India for two weeks now - first week of school over with and I am quite tired actually. This week has been fine, everyone at the school has been really kind and helpful which makes a big difference. Don't know how much help I have been to them but hopefully that will get better as the weeks go on - have taken a couple of spoken English classes with the teachers and got some stuff to read over the weekend to try and make it interesting for them. I reckon I am still a novelty for the children, I have photos that I will try...

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Oct 11, 2011 - Second day of school

Dont worry I am not going to do this every day, just the first couple. Again today was fine but really hot and stuffy - the children are soooooo cute but I already mentioned that. They are getting braver its quite funny to watch, I was sitting in one of the classes and felt this little hand touching my foot (the are fascinated by fair skin) and they all want to shake your hand and touch you. There were some tears today in the little ones class they are only just turned 3 so quite young and not wanting their mums to go away. The thing about...

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Oct 10, 2011 - First day of school

Hello folks I survived my first day of school without too much drama which is good. Children are so cute, not quite sure what they thought of the big white Scottish bird with the red face standing at assembly but hey they coped quite well. Some were a but wary, other curious (they want to touch you but are scared, that was in the morning they soon got over that) and then you always get the handful of cheeky ones. My day has been fine just trying to settle in, started off with assembly this morning then off to classes, break time and they...

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Oct 8, 2011 - Today

Hello Because its Saturday I thought I would go mad and have a boiled egg for breakfast so fired up my gas two ring burner and away I went – it all went without too much of a hitch, by the time I get back I will be a fully-fledged chef if I keep going at this rate hohoho – not attempted rice yet it could get messy might try that tonite………………. Seen some more beasties not quite sure even what they are not liking that oh and got a couple more mossy bites but touch wood they don’t seem as evil as the mossys in Goa fingers crossed...

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Oct 7, 2011 - Friday

Well that's one whole week I have been in India and it seems like a lifetime ..........(only joking) Been a quiet couple of days, the children have been off school this week so my routine will all start/change on Monday - will update how that goes next week. Last night there was major thunder and lightning and rain it was amazing, I actually got a fright a couple of times because of how loud the thunder was and needless to say the power went off but only for a wee while. Woke up this morning and its as if it did not happen its weird. There...

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Oct 5, 2011 - Chetpet info

It would be good if I could give you an idea of what its like here but its really difficult because there are so many different sounds, smells and sites to see. It is like you see on the TV but there is always so much going on, from my flat (in the school) I can hear people doing washing, singing, praying, cows and other various animals. There is girls school over the back and a big church so you can here things going on in them all the time, but it does not seem so loud as it did when I first arrived though. Oh and the birds OMG they sit...

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Oct 5, 2011 - Vellore Visit

Hello again Well went into Vellore (they keep spelling it different on different signs??) and to a bigger supermarket got some supplies then I had some English money that I wanted to change, well that was an adventure and a half, you cant get rupees in the UK so I just assumed as it is in Goa you can change you English money no problem, NO NO NO - I knew there would not be the same demand because of the tourists etc but anyway...... First bank in down town Vellore, they all looking at me then after much discussions in Indian and asking me...

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