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Dec 31, 2011 - Hogmany

Arrived back yesterday after another long drive in the pouring rain and there was lots of damage on the road on the way back, houses and trees and lorries blown over and on the road, lots of water everywhere, it was not until I got back and read the paper that there had been a cyclone (Thane) on the east coast near Chennai and this must have been the edge of its path that we had driven through. Glad to be back safe. Quiet day today just trying to get my head round the fact its New Year and in a week I will be not be here, very strange...

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Dec 29, 2011 - Madurai

Headed for Madurai today (not so cold this morning) When we arrived we went to the Ghandi Museum, it was quite interesting but being with all the Indian tourists and reading about the history of India and their quest for freedom and what the British had done along the way did not make me feel all that comfortable. The hotel I booked here was the cheapest and also the nicest (you never know I suppose) In the afternoon I went to the Sri Meenakshi Temple and the Tirumalai Nayak Palace, both really good to see and amazing places. Each place...

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Dec 28, 2011 - Pondicherry to Chidambaram to Tanjore- joyeuse anniversaire d’amour

Une journee fort interessant! On est partie tot pour la ville de Chidambaram- peite ville dominee en son centre par un grand temple dedie a Shiva Nataraja (Shiva Dansant) On a eu une guide locale tres sympa- c’etait une structure immense et tres vivant! Apres on a visite la ville de Gangaikondacholapuram, whewww, ou on a visite le Sri Pragadheswarar Temple- une vraie surprise! Un autre temple dedie a Shiva et classe par Unesco sur la liste du Patrimoine mondial- quasiment pas de touriste et une endroit parfaitement entretenu- avec une...

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Dec 28, 2011 - Kodaikanal

I was really cold this morning (went and bought socks haha) - drove over Princess Hills to get from Ooty to Kodai it was lovely but bonkers, small roads, big mountains and mental Indian drives don't mix...... When we stopped for breakfast today I went to the loo, now most of the time you get squat toilets but there was a western style one but it was disgusting so I thought because I was becoming an expert at the 'squat toilet balancing act' (trying to touch nothing, keep your trousers off the floor, and keep your bag round your head) I...

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Dec 27, 2011 - Ooty

Each morning we set off early and then stopped for breakfast at a proper Indian type hotel, it was really good but I did get some funny looks from a few of the locals. Journey not so bad but getting a cold so that's not good. Drove over the hills to get to Ooty and went through a Tiger reserve (no tigers) but saw a few other animals on the way. Went to the lake, a couple of different gardens and Dodabetta peak. I did a horse ride round the lake in the afternoon, it was good and then we went up to the peak. When night came it was really...

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Dec 25, 2011 - Christmas Day

I went to Delphina's house today, she came to collect me at 8AM.... and we got the bus to her village, we stopped off in the village square to say hello to people then walked back to her house. She lives in the country and its really peaceful, I will put some photos up of the day because it was totally different. When I got there we had cake and drinks, then had some chapatis then some more snacks. Her family usually cook a big pot of chicken biryani and give some to the locals and family members for their dinner, they don't have much but...

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Dec 24, 2011 - Mamallapuram- la veille de Noel

On a pris notre petit dejeuner a l’hotel- encore des Dosas et du chai tea biensure! On est partie ensuite avec une guide pour la ville de Mamallapuram (notre hotel est situe 4 km nord de la ville). On a commence avec un endroit qui s’apelle Arjuna’s Penance- une endroit completement dingue- remplit de sculpture incroyable- est c’est gratuit. C’est une ensemble in croyable construit et creuse grosso modo vers le Vie-VIIIe et qui s’etend sur toute une colline couverte d’une courte vegetation, mais aussi par de gigantesques masses granitiques....

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Dec 24, 2011 - Christmas celebrations at the school

We had Christmas and new year celebrations at the school today, with the children doing various dances, we have a nativity scene which looks really nice too. I had my Christmas sari on today (I did feel a bit like a trussed up turkey) but I think you just have to get used to wearing one. I took lots of photos of everyone and they are all wanting them developed, I have said that I will probably not have time before I leave so will need to post them to the school when I get back to the UK. Felt emotional today, I think because everyone was...

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Dec 23, 2011 - Chennai-Dakshinachitra-Mamallapuram

Notre premiere vraie journee sure la route- on est partie tot de notre hotel a Chennai pour conduire vers Mamallapuram! Sure la route- 28km de Chennai- on a arête a une endroit qui s’apelle Dakshina Chitra (qui a ete conseile par Dr Heston d’ailleurs). On a passe le matinee a balader dans cette endroit vraiment unique- C’est une foundation qui a pour vocation la preservation de la culture dans tous les domains de l’inde du sud (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, et Kerala). Tous les types d’architecture, d’artisanat, de la danse etc…C’est ici qu’on a...

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Dec 22, 2011 - Journee a Kanchipuram

Notre deuxième journée en Inde! On est partie de l'hotel assez tôt pour une journée dans une ville voisine Kanchipuram- qui signifie la ville d'or- et une ville ou se trouve bcp de temples-fin plus que d'habitude en tout cas. On a visite deux temple - Kailasanatha- une temple dédié a Shiva- et Sri Ekambareshwara Temple-aussi dédie a Shiva- deux temples très différents- une qui est une temple toujours active et l'autre non- ensuite on a visite des ateliers ou sont fabriquer des écharpes en soie- pour laquelle Kanchipuram est connue -...

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Dec 21, 2011 - Wishing everyone a happy Christmas

Hello another busy start to the week, getting exams finished and getting ready for Christmas, as its all religions in the school they tend to mark each different anniversary and so because of that Christmas is recognized. My culinary skills have not really amounted to much over the last few months I did get a recipe from Kalpana so will attempt that when I get back but its all been pretty basic stuff I have been eating, also because everyone has been feeding me...... I have made a couple of pots of potato soup believe it or not, the fruit...

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Dec 21, 2011 - Chennai

Notre première journée en Inde! Après une arriver tard le soir a Chennai dans le Sud de l'Inde-on a passe une journée a visiter la ville et voire des sites divers- le Fort Saint George, un musée avec des exemples des statues en bronze magnifique et puis la plage- très grande! On a termine notre journée avec une petite sieste et notre première dîné Indien!

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