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Apr 25, 2004 - Udaipur

The bus journey was pretty hard work, 8 hours in the heat was a killer, we got to the bus station and after some pissnig about with a Rik Shaw driver who didn't want to take us to the Hotel we wanted (no commission for him). We decided to treat ourselves and book into a mid-range hotel, even thought the prices had gone up nearly double what the planet said, it was late and we were knackered. It was really nice to check into somewhere really clean, and with hot water and a bath (Dawnn was happy).

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Jan 22, 2004 - Udaipur

Various travelers along the Indian circuit had told us that we would love Udaipur; being the site of parts of James Bond's "Octopussy," it had to be one of the more romantic and beautiful cities in India. After our 14-plus hour bus ride, none of us were in the mood for romanticism, and it is doubtful that any young ladies out there would had given us the time of day. We were nonetheless struck by the city's beauty, even as we wandered around at 5:30am looking for accomodation and waking people up. In the end, we settled on a lavish hotel...

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World Trip 03/04

Jan 10, 2004 - Udaipur

I had read in my guide book that Mumbai was home to some of the largest slums in Asia. I did not get to see this during my stay, although as I left on the bus we probably passed part of them - looked as though some of the slum buildings had more than one storey - a little unusual I thought. At this point I should say that whilst I did not see any slums in Mumbai, neither did I see any nice areas. Even what I was told were the nicer areas looked dirty and run down. Perhaps the climate makes everything deteriorate more quickly here, but there...

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Genty's Asia - 2004

Dec 18, 2003 - Udaipur, our last real stop in India

Udaipur was a great place to finish off staying in India. It took another 2 hours with Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-prat to get there. They still didn't know where they were going. In the end we directed them using a compass and our Lonely Planet. Our room was gorgeous at Udaipur - right on the lakeside with balcony, and 3 lake facing windows, all for less than 7 quid a night (including bath ensuite). Unfortunately we didn't get much sightseeing done or even get to go for dinner at the Lake Palace Hotel as Denis got ill the second night and was...

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Sep 12, 2002 - Udaipur

Pudiésemos resumir esta nota señalando que recomendamos Udaipur para una luna de miel. Personalmente descansé un poquito en la ciudad, esto puede significar que tuve un poco de tiempo para meterme en la piscina del hotel; de 17 años de viajes con mochila, difícilmente podría recordar más de dos piscinadas. Claro, Udaipur tiene más para atraer que palacios reales convertidos en hoteles 6 estrellas, posee sus lagos y colinas, y su -principal atractivo- Palacio de la Ciudad (aunque una porción es ya... un hotel de lujo). Recuerdo que visité el...

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