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Mar 19, 2007 - Puskar to Ajmer

Another fairly quiet day, I think we could have had one less day in this town. We had decided we would go to Ajmer in the afternoon to visit one of the temples. This place was very crowded and their main purpose in life seemed to be to extract as much money as they could from all the visitors. First they try to get you to sign your name in the "visitors book", which has a column for how much you want to donate. Then when you go into the actual temple they are trying to get more money, and then on the way out there is a large donation...

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Nov 16, 2005 - Pushkar

After the hecticness of the previous 10 days I was desperate for a bit of peace and quiet so headed to the holy town of Pushkar, famous for it's bathing ghat (lake basically) and Sadhus (holy men) and it is where they have an annual camel fair (unforunately I arrived the day after it finished...typical!). Anyway, I felt like splashing out a bit so picked a bit of a pricier hotel which had a swimming pool so I could rest up for a while!! Turns out I was the only one who used it so spent my mornings round the pool, swimming and sunbathing,...

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Nov 20, 2004 - Pushkar - Camel Festival

We arrived in Ajmer after an 18 hour train ride, which was in stark contrast after the Shinkansen in Japan. We could have probably done the same journey in 3 hours on the bullet train. When we arrived in Ajmer, we were besiged by taxi drivers offering to take us the 17km to Pushkar. We managed to negotiate the rate down to 200 rupees (85 rupees to the pound), and choose a taxi driver from the 10 in fornt of us. He promptly ended up in a fight with a guy twice the size of him. Whilst they were preoccupied the remaining 8 taxi drivers were...

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