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Nov 14, 2007 - Lovely Puna

After 10 minutes in Mumbai trafic we allready had an accident with another taxi. (picture) But as usual in India,after 2 minutes talking we just drove on. No problem. Then I took a train to Neral,with the help off my friend Ram Sing who I met in Dubai airport,he helped me with everything. One advice to other travellers,don't bother taking a first class train ticket in Mumbai, it'll be as full as second class.Now I'm in Puna,a very beautifull and spiritual place. German Bakery is the place to be. known by all India travellers. But there is a...

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Apr 10, 2007 - A Wedding in Pune (Matt & Laura)

Matt: The bus delivers us late, but relaxed, into the dry and noisy heat of Pune's streets. A construction crew had been cutting trees along the road and, it seems, had fallen one into the traffic congested highway. Our bus waited as men with machetes hacked at branches and one with an electric chainsaw, its power cord coiling and curling to a distant generator, sliced off larger chunks. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles bounced off the road and through the dust to get around the tree; our bus was too large and was forced to wait amid the...

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Nov 19, 2006 - Pune

We were up early to see some of the family members off. Those who had early flights from Mumbai needed to leave by car in order to make it to the airport in time. Most of the wedding guests were returning to Mumbai by charter bus - we decided to take the opportunity to travel to Pune, only 70 km away to visit our friend Alaka Kembhavi. Alaka and Dilip have been our friends in Edmonton for over twenty-five years. Alaka's mother has been gravely ill for most of the past year and she has been in Pune taking care of her parents. Unfortunately,...

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Oct 24, 2006 - Diwali in Pune

Pune for Diwali After I came to India in late July, Manjiri and the family invited me down for the Diwali holiday and I accepted. Annilde said that I should take a week off to visit and I said that wasn't at all possible. I took two of my three personal days allowed for the festival of lights. I packed my new sari from Jaipur, my best looking Punjabi suits, and four lenghas. I realize that I would only be there for four days, but I wanted to look like a good Indian girl. They appreciated my matching bangles, the pair of toe rings and the...

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Feb 3, 2006 - Don't drink the Kool-Aid

Despite living in San Francisco and occasionally getting bent into a downward dog, I am by no stretch of the imagination a New Agey kinda guy. I am from Cleveland after all; I like casseroles and beer, and am much more comfortable with my face painted brown and orange, barking for no apparent reason at people I don't know than I am lining up my chakras and tweaking my chi. That said, I do love any new experience (the freakier, the better) and when Lonely Planet goes on about the Armani of Ashrams and their founding guru who advocated sex as...

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Jan 10, 2006 - Pune (Poona)

I'm already sick of traveling. :-) Being with a group is a very different experience. There is a lot less me-time when I can just go off and explore. Bombay was wonderful, but hot. Again, traveling in a group doesn't afford me the privilege of an air-conditioned car when I want it. We met with a Goucher friend of mine the other day to learn some traditional dances, what a blast to see friends from back home here...again. We were featured in the Indian Express newspaper today, everyone should go a Google Search for the Pune edition. More...

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Mar 20, 2005 - From India With Love

Day 1 Pune Thinking of you back home (both homes :-) as we tear around dusty Pune in the back of rickshaws, absorbing the delights of simply being here Mmmm have just been handed a chai - India's culinary delight - sweet, cardoman soaked liptons! Actually all the food here has been great... So we started our journey yesterday, with a most impressive flight with BA - they have improved over the years, no need to beg for an upgrade anymore (unless of course you want the modern day delights of biz class!) Anyway I was most happy in cattle...

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Feb 3, 2005 - Pune (Poona)

It's a long days wait in Goa (check out 8.30am, bus departure 7pm) before I can start the mamorth journey, or so it seems, up to Udaipur. In the evening after a lot of wandering round trying to find the bus and get checked in - I finally manage to get on and lie in my sleeper bunk near the front of the bus. The young lad loading the luggage asked for a Rs 10 tip, and I oblige - After hearing stories of baggage "accidently" disappearing, I decide it's for the best. The bunks are on upper and lower levels, with upright seating at the rear....

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Dec 18, 2004 - Dec 18 preparing to leave Mumbai

Dec 18: I SLEPT! I didn't wake up till after 11AM. I was completely disoriented. I spent what was left of the day cleaning up and repacking. I had both breakfast/lunch in the coffee shop. I took one trip to the store to get the new clothes so I would have something clean to wear tomorrow. I hired a car from the hotel to take me to the store. It must have taken about a half hour to get there. I shopped for about 15 minutes and then drove back. Once I got to the hotel I decided to get some pictures. I started taking them of the hotel....

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Oct 21, 2004 - Mumbai - part 2 ('The Return')

(Updated by: Giles) Our route meant that we had to return to Mumbai so this time we booked a room at the Bentleys Hotel - not as plush as the Taj Palace Hotel restrooms from our first visit maybe, but still good. Having discovered that all the trains we wanted to take to get us around the rest of India were fully booked due to Deepawali and other various holidays, we had to ditch plans to visit Varanasi and splash out on an internal flight to get us to Darjeeling (- a flight !! We didn't even look into hiring a donkey/camel and we call...

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