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Jan 13, 2010 - India tour begins

GETTING TO NASIK Yes, there was less traffic as we drove farther away from Mumbai, but the road also got narrower, and curvier, and more full of holes the further we drove. So there ended up being just as much swerving, braking and accelerating as in the city. The skill of the drivers is a marvel. By the end of three days I find myself starting to think "of course this is a good time to pass" when there is a bus coming head on. Still not used to the horns. It takes us five hours to drive out of Mumbai and about 200 km. The ride is almost...

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Apr 5, 2008 - Nasik-Exotic or Banal?

What makes a tourist destination? Things to see? Natural or man-made? Culture, food and other people-centric attractions? Activities? Medical and dental procedures? Unsurprisingly, we are interested in some aspects of travel more than others but on the whole we need something to do and somewhere to stay. Travellers also have great regard for food they can recognise and other travellers. I was warned, firstly by Oliver that Nasik would be disappointing. He's a pharmacist from Switzerland and reminds me of John Greenhalgh, if you are reading...

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