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Apr 18, 2016 - Operation Eyesight Eye Cancer Clinic and LV Prasad Eye Institute

Today, Faye and I had the honour and privilege of inaugurating the new children's chemotherapy unit at the Operation Eyesight Eye Cancer Clinic at LV Prasad Eye Institute. The cancer clinic, run by Dr Swathi Kaliki, who is pictured with LVPEI Founder and Chair, Dr Nag Rao (Daisy Duck between them). Adrian had the opportunity to work with Dr. Swathi while creating some promotional pieces for the eye cancer clinic. Aided by a generous grant from the Killam family of Vancouver, the eye cancer clinic is now 4.5 times its former size and is able...

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Apr 17, 2016 - In and around Hyderabad

Our day started with an amazing breakfast buffet consisting of delicious Indian fare such as puri/bhaji, fresh rotis and yogourt, coupled with western favourites. Adrian - whose appetite seems unsatiable - had two made-to-order omelettes and they even served up freshly made Americano coffees. We headed up to Golconda Fort directly-- er, well, not so directly, from our hotel. After modest success in bargaining for our fare, our auto-rickshaw driver took us completely the wrong direction where we ended up at "Condapur" instead of Golconda...

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Apr 16, 2016 - Arrive Hyderabad

After a 20-hour trip via London and Mumbai, we arrived Hyderabad at 8 a.m. to be picked up by Adrian and driver Chinna. After catching up on hugs with Adrian again after a 6-month gap, we headed for the Red Fox hotel who were able to allow us an early check in for a wonderful shower and nap before heading off for the day. Upon exiting our A/C bliss, we were met with a wall of heat which reached 43 degrees by 2 pm. That was a rather nasty intro to the southern India midsummer weather. Nevertheless, we spent a full day takng in the sites of...

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Oct 24, 2015 - Jaipur and Agra India

Our guide repeated in India you need 3 things to survive... a horn, brakes, and luck. It is a country of incredible contrasts, beauty, colors, exquisite gardens alongside squalor, poverty and garbage. Huge piles of garbage with wild cattle or boars munching away. Children unclothed on highway ditches, anything that could move overloaded with goods and or people and noise! The noise never stopped. Two days later I was still hearing horns blaring. Six lanes of traffic often leading into a two way road we'd call a lane, with buses, bikes,...

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Jan 28, 2015 - Nellore

December 19, 2014 Friday. I wish this notebook had lines rather than just a blank pages. As per I have lots to remember. I am at Nellore. 200 km’s from Chennai. We traveled only 200 KM’s. It was about 1:00 PM and started to rain. It was lightly at the beginning and progressively got worst. Suukyi doesn’t have a windscreen nor is there a visor on the fuselage. I removed the windscreen in Patna last year after the car crash. I couldn’t piece it back together. I removed the visor before I left Canada. It was too scratched up. Even the light...

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Jan 28, 2015 - Srikakulam

December 12, 2014 This laptop has bit it. I am now forced to use the key Pad that allows me to type via the mouse and a small key board on the screen. Some characters are starting to work. It sucks. The keyboard is small. The last town I stayed at was called, ‘Srikakulam’. I am now outside of ‘Rajahmundy’. I have a great room for 800 Rs. No ac. AC is another 400 Rs./night. The room has two ventilators. It’s a big room. This fucking computer. It’s fallen off the bed more than once. It’s been with me, Electra and Suukyi over 30,000 Km’s. Much...

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Dec 5, 2014 - welcome!

MY NEVER ENDING FOOT STEPS.. -A journal of my journey… MY SECRET LI’L WORLD.. TRAVEL: the most lovliest word for me..!! ughh..! goosebumps! I gonna journal my travel dreams even if I haven’t taken it yet! Coz I cant put a limit on anything,the more I dream the farther I get.. I havent been everywhere but everywhere is on my list.. :) I still remember the words that my mom n dad used to tell me everytime that I was very fond of steps(stairs) at my very li’l age..whenever I get across stairs I used to jolt from my mom and the very next thing...

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Feb 18, 2014 - Discovering a great city in Hyderabad

I've spent the past three days in Hyderabad and have discovered the two always contrasting sides of India. The traffic and pollution are hellish, but there are some wonderful places in amongst the madness; there are the usual auto rickshaw drivers who try and rip you off for every journey, but then you also come across the kindest, most hospitable people in the world. Hyderabad is the setting for William Dalrymple's excellent book, "White Mughals" and is also famous for being the place where the Koh-i-noor was found. Nowadays it sits in the...

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Trip Journal

Six months in Asia

Oct 20, 2013 - 14 October - Goudaguda

A long drive day today, starting at 6.30am. We are heading for the Odisha (or Orissa) tribal lands, home to over 60 different tribes each with their own culture. Today is a festival in this part of India, Durga Puja, which celebrates goddess Durga's victory over evil buffalo headed demon Mahishasura. Schools and shops are closed and all the trucks we have seen on the road are decorated with banana leaves and marigolds - poor old Sotiri looks a bit naked against them. As there were no cafes open we drove onto some open land and set up the...

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Oct 20, 2013 - 16 October - Muniguda

Today we left our very comfortable Chandoori Sai Guest House at 5.30am for our next stop, the New Hope Community Guest house at Muniguda. On the way we stopped at the Chakitona market, a local market where we could see the local Dongria Kondh tribe going about their business. The ladies had many earrings in their ears and some were carrying chickens in their saris against their breast. Some also had embroidered shawls which they would give to someone of the opposite sex who took their fancy - if accepted, they would marry. The men also...

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Oct 13, 2013 - 12 Ocober - Vijayawada

Today we had an 11 hour drive to the town of Vijayawada for an overnight stop. We arrived late and headed straight to the restaurant for dinner and a beer, after checking the TV for news of the cyclone. It is supposed to be as big as Hurricane Katrina and is expected to hit the coast at the town of Vizakhapatnam (where we are staying tomorrow night) at around 8pm today. There have been mass evacuations all along the coast. We will find out tomorrow what the damage is and whether we can continue with our journey.

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Oct 13, 2013 - 13 October - Vizakhapatnam

Well, here we are in Vizakhapatnam which has luckily survived the cyclone though still has huge seas. The cyclone crossed the coast further north than expected, at the town of Gobalpur where we will be next Friday. A little bit of excitement on the journey when we blew a tyre. A large group of Indians gathered while Mic and Juan changed the tyre on the side of the road, just watching us. It took around 45 minutes to change the tyre then we were on our way again. Our hotel is right on the beach front and we are on the 6th floor (with no...

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