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May 2, 2015 - Lemnos

Lemnos We finally got to sail again! This has been an unusual 'cruise' in that we've spent several days in the one spot. We did have a dinner cruise on Anzac Day when we were supposed to sail past Anzac Cove but due to security and port bureaucracy we left too late and it was too dark to see! We were supposed to have collected our Gallipoli 12 for the dinner crusie (the ones who attended the ceremony), but it actually took them about 12 hours to get back to the boat, a trip that usually takes about 1.5 hours. I think that the organisation...

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Sep 7, 2010 - Sneaking a few days on Lesvos

The morning after being accosted by the Turkish soldier and his machine gun was exciting. Here we are in the middle of an eight-day journey down the Turkish Coast about to sneak in a few days on a Greek Island. The east coast of Turkey neighbours a number of Greek Islands and Lesvos sits just over an hour by ferry from Ayvalik. The Lonely Planet describes Lesvos as the third largest island in Greece covered with 11 million olive trees. It produces 50% of the worlds demand for Ouzo and 70% of the demand for Greece. It is also the island...

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Oct 31, 2008 - At Sea

Woke Early this morning, to view Gallipoli on our way through the Dardenelles. However nobody on the ship could tell us what we were looking for, or even which side of the boat, so unfortunately missed the spot. Peter wrote a\letter of complaint to the captain, suggesting that if they spent 10% of the time they spent on Halloween, on recognising this special location for ANZACS they would be doing better. We will come back & d it on foot at some stage

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Jul 12, 2007 - Lesvos Ended

We left Lesvos on the 12th July and headed for Athens. Lesvos was a wonderful place to spend 3 months. We enjoyed the laid back feel to the Island and the beach house we stayed at in Skala Mystegnon was idyllic, we had great difficulty leaving. We met some lovely people who have now become friends at the house as well as in the village. Marina and Chris from Belgium stayed next door and kindly sent us some photos of their stay. Some of which I have posted on this site. After them came George and Adam from Australia. These two were the...

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Apr 15, 2007 - Island of Lesvos, Greece

We flew from Munich to Athens and then on to Mytilene, Lesvos ,after a three hour stopover at Athens airport. The rental car was there and waiting at the airport when we arrived at Mytilene. We had to drive the seventeen kilometers to Skala Mystegnon on narrow, twisty, windy roads in the dark. One thing I have learned since driving on this island is that they all think they are driving in England on the left side of the road. They have great difficulty staying on the right side of the road. Double white lines ignore them, and overtake...

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Apr 15, 2006 - The Greek Islands known as the The Dodocanese and my Return to Istanbul

More text to come. It was aweful. Don't bother sailing the Greek Isles for 2 weeks. You may just never want to come home! Ok. Now for some details. First, when sailing the Greek Islands, make sure you have a great sailboat. We did. We set sail in a Tyanna 55, that was awesome. The Tyanna 55 is a very stable boat.(which I would soon learn thanks to getting caught in a storm with 60+mph winds) Second, the wind only comes in two varieties. Hard as hell, or none at all! They are known as the Meleti winds, and when they blow, they really blow....

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