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Aug 28, 2011 - Sailing Around the Ionian Islands

“YOU LEAVE NOW OR I CALL PORT POLICE”, screamed a naked guy from the beach. We had been “tubing” behind a motor boat somewhat close to shore which aroused this Greek god. We were not sure what was worse, seeing the port police approach our catamaran or recalling the vivid image of this naked guy rubbing suntan lotion EVERYWHERE on his body. After the port police politely discussed the situation, with our captain, we decided to leave the bay. We realized that we were in a no win situation. Although nude sunbathing is illegal in Greece the...

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Aug 21, 2011 - Have ya ever been to sea, Billy?

"Geez, I hope we are on the right bus", I said to Rita. The bus driver and his sidekick with their dark Mediterranean looks and black slicked back hair just grunted at us with what might have been "get on the bus" in Greek, then they coolly lit another cigarette. We had just arrived in Lefkada, Greece in the Ionian Islands via another bus from Athens. We were trying to get to a small town called Nidri further down the island to rest up for a few days before becoming "stowaways" on a 51 foot catamaran for 7 days. We will be sailing around...

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Jun 25, 2011 - Windsurfing week in Greece

We returned the cars and left Munich on a direct flight to Greece. A scenic 1 hour taxi ride from Preveza airport got us to the renowned windsurfing resort of Vasiliki on Lefkas island. We stayed one night at the lovely Enodia hotel and then moved 100m to the Club Vass resort on Sunday June 26th. What a fun place. From Monday until Friday everyone gets windsurfing lessons. Katie was in the kids club which she loved. Bethany was almost her private windsurfing instructor and got Katie planing and using the harness for the first time. Jen...

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Jul 12, 2008 - Lefkas

A beautiful sail through the Greek Islands stopping overnight at anchor off Fiskardo, swiming at the "Blue Lagoon", lunch off Scorpio and finally to Lefkas. The end of this year on Jennifer! Lefkas has a huge marina with a huge fleet of charter yachts. I took the bus from Lefkas to Igoumenitsa to catch an overnight ferry to Italy to take another ferry over to Split in Croatia.

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Jun 1, 2006 - Life in Lefkada Town

"So how long have you two been married?" asked the handsome, tanned, well-built waiter as he cleared our table at a fantastic pizzeria in Lefkada Town. "Twenty two years", we replied, talking over each other, just like a couple whose been together twenty two years. The waiter nearly dropped his meticulously balanced plates. "Twenty two years!" he said incredulously. He turned to Terry and said "Well, you must be ready for a new wife by now!" Almost as fast as his tip disappeared, he headed to the kitchen to tell the chef. This guy came back...

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Aug 21, 2005 - Ithaca in the sun

Well we are off on our travels. Getting to Greece was long. it was about 50 hours, 1 book, 7 films and 2 sleeping tables from South Melbourne to Stavros in Ithaca but well worth it. Met Athena is Athens airport and she had already sorted out the buses and ferry information. So i just got loaded onto a bus and grabbed a few hours sleep on the way to Patras before getting onto the ferry. We arrived in Vathy in Ithaca around 1 in the morning and it was still balmy ,a few issues getting a taxi at that time of night (it's a small island and not...

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