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Aug 12, 2017 - Little bay on the island of Anti-Paxos

(Note: yesterday's blog had a "_____ s". That space was an emoji of a bee that did not translate itself to the blog. Blank spaces either with or without an "s".... place "bee" there and it was make sense.). Our morning started late today. After doing the norm of first swim, and laundry catch up.... it was time to go to the beach for some really special beach time. Trying to nurse my cold, I stayed on board, and excitedly photographed their return.. I was just taking a picture of our neighboring board the "MARHABA", when I noticed an...

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Aug 11, 2017 - Paxos (day #2)

Good morning, and welcome to yet another day with the 𯐝 s. I must admit the 𯐝 s have met their match in trying to get the better of David and Griffin. I thought David's hat, and milk method was pretty cool, until Griffin devised a method which I believe is so easy, effortless and fun. What I want to call this method is: Griffin gives back to them what they gave to him -- and it works. By the time breaKfast was over his method had caught over 10 𯐝 s. It can even be fun to watch, as David plays "Killing Me Softly", the 𯐝 song of...

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Aug 10, 2017 - Paxos

Bee morning from Syvota/mourtos area. David, our now christened "bee catcher extraordinaire" had devised a truly unique method of trapping 𯐝 s. A small amount of milk in a juice glass, and using his hat, and coaxing words of encouragement, he would usher the 𯐝 into the glass, get covered with the smallest of "bee flaps" which I brought from the States. The bee 𯐝 would then drown while swimming in the milk, and immediately be tossed overboard. This continued for quite a while, until all the juice glasses were inhabited with 𯐝 s. Quite an...

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Aug 9, 2017 - Syvota, Greece. (Anchorage off mainland Greece, East opposite of Paxos

Our day started out hot, and a few in-invited guests dropped in to bother Milena once again..... wasps..... After the fiasco last year, when we were wasp-overloaded.... I thought this type of experience was not going to repeat itself this year. Once again, I was wrong to assume such a thing. You can go along for years, and not be bothered ... but that time I guess is over. We will be continued to "bee"-bothered for a bit longer. After breakfast... cooling off was excited essential. David had the idea of feeding grapes to the fish. A truly...

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Aug 8, 2017 - Corfu (day #2)

Another beginning to a wonderful day on Milena. Sitting around the breakfast table at different times of the morning, we all took turns descending below deck to the air conditioned cabins/. My "refrigerator" was a God send to all of so, as we huddled around my bed and basked in the coolness of the air. It was barley 9:00a.m. And the temperature was a very toasty 90+ degrees. I witness Jacques taking the dinghy away from Milllie 3 times to get supplies. By 10:30a.m., we had released ourselves from the Marina, and were. Heading out to sea --...

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Aug 7, 2017 - Corfu

Good Morning world.... Ahhhhhh... it is so good.... Waking up on Milena, after enjoying a very comfortable night in "my refrigerator" cabin (air conditioned to the MAX), i went topside to find David enjoying the morning HEAT with out family, munching on bread and butter, slurping down many cups of coffee. . After breakfast, and putting supplies on the boat, Milena left Gouvia Marina for the day. We went out, and a little North, to a very popular swimming, skiing and jet-skiing part of Corfu. You did not have to tell any of us to go for a...

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Aug 6, 2017 - London / Athens / Corfu to board MILENA

Good Morning. My wake-up call came at 7:00a.m. -- after I had taken my shower, and was ready for my breakfast of mixed berries, and hot chocolate to be delivered. . The berries were wonderful, and the hot chocolate scrumptilious. A perfect amount of food to begin my day of travel. By the time I finished my breakfast, it was time to check-out. The car/driver was already, with my luggage loaded, at the entrance of the hotel, chatting with the doorman, as I exited thru the revolving door, and down the staircase. Ride to the airport was quick...

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Jun 7, 2017 - Greetings from Greece

Since Genoa we've visited Rome and seen the Trevi Fountain, Venice Sq, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and visited the Vatican. After Rome we called in to Sicily and toured the old town of Taomina. Yesterday we visited Kotor in Montanegro where we travelled up the mountains to the old capital of Cetinje and today we're enjoying Corfu. Tomorrow more of Greece with a visit to Crete before heading on to Mykonos. All going great so far and meeting lots of people. Approx 40% of the passengers on our ship are from Australia.

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Sep 15, 2016 - Sunrise in Corfu

Oh my another day another port...What can I say, too much of a good thing? We're in a bit of that vortex where it all seems to becoming routine. Up early, off to the smoothie bar for your preferred concoction of the morn. Shower, dress, breakfast, hustle off for a four hour tour of wherever we happen to be. Back to the ship for lunch, and relaxing afternoon. Back to the room for cocktails and appies for 5 delivered by our ever present butler Bento, then another shower and dress for dinner. I was actually looking at the DVD library listing...

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Jun 15, 2015 - Corfu

Monday, June 15 We had a pleasant sail overnight and enjoyed our arrival in Corfu at 10 am. As we had a very busy day in Kotor we elected to just stay on board and enjoy the empty ship. People left the ship in droves. I headed to the pool for the greater part of the day, then retired to our balcony to watch the people returning with all their souvenirs.

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May 15, 2015 - Back in port

Had a nice farewell dinner back in Gouvia with Lynn & Clifford. They are now heading to Milan (their European centre of operations) and we head off for the UK. The weather will be a bit different there no doubt. This will close our Greek sailing posts. We look forward to the next adventure hopefully sometime soon. Shaun & Chris xx

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May 14, 2015 - Petriti, Corfu

After a lazy morning in bay of Fanari, we set off for the island of Corfu and the fishing village of Petriti on the South east side of the island. Unfortunately no wind so we had to motor again, but we did have some fun surfing off the back of the boat as we were going along. The trick was to jump off at the front, let the boat sail/motor past you and then grab the rope before the boat sped off. Fun in the Med on a windless day! We made it into Petriti at 6.30pm and found a taverna along the front. We became very friendly with the owner and...

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