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Jul 24, 2013 - Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis July 12 to 25rd A stop intended to be of around 4 nights became a little longer! The journey out of Macedonia to the NE Greek coast was quite long but was all on motorways. Progress was so fast that we went further than intended and we reached our final Greek destination, Alexandroupolis, in one hop. Alex’ was chosen for one reason, it is only 40k from the Turkish border and it has become our intention to visit Istanbul as part of a tour group, leaving our home and transport in Greece. The journey down from the FYRoM was...

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Jul 10, 2013 - Alexandroupolis, Greece

We’ve had a couple of walks into town where we enjoyed an iced coffee and a beer at a café on the waterfront, changed our Turkish Lira into Euros, and purchased a Greek sim card and internet data for the iPhone. This is a nice campsite – although it is almost full it has a relaxed, peaceful feel about it. We have spent time every day at the beach with lots of swims and reading. The temperature is around 32° during the day, and a bit cooler at night. The beach is in “high season” mode now but in front of the campground it is not crowded...

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Jul 6, 2013 - Hello again Greece!

We arrived at the Turkish border just before 10am. It took 45 minutes here, with the wait in a small queue and then sorting out a small problem with our Turkish Residency visas. It seems we should have notified the police of our change of address! Considering we got the visas in Izmir and have had many campground addresses during our travels this seems to be bureaucratic nonsense for motorhomers, but we were warned there may be a problem if we wish to return to Turkey. The Turks let us leave, and we then had another 25 minutes at the Greek...

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Jan 2, 2013 - Alexandroupolis

We had a lovely New Year! David went into town in our friends' motorhome in the afternoon, I stayed "home" to do the "housework". I then walked along the beach to check out a nice restaurant we'd noticed with big glass windows overlooking the beach and the sea, but unfortunately it was fully booked for the evening. So I then walked back to an unlikely looking "restaurant" at the campsite we'd thought about a few times - a closed up building with outdoor tables in an unswept courtyard, and asked at the back door if they would be open. The...

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Dec 29, 2012 - Alexandroupolis

We are still in Alexandroupolis - having a holiday from our travels! It is so peaceful here, the facilities are good and we are by the beach with just a short stroll into the town. We are enjoying walks along the beach, reading in the sunshine and we are also enjoying the company of Russ and Lynn. Today we met them in town for lunch – after a couple of false starts where our choice of café served liquid refreshments with nibbles, we found a café offering actual meals with coffee (we hadn’t realised the subtle difference!). After several...

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Dec 26, 2012 - Alexandroupolis

We decided that we’d stay at Camping Alexandroupolis for Christmas. We have a lovely position right on the beach with free WiFi, good bathroom facilities, not far from town and best of all some great new English speaking friends to share it with. And the temperatures are rising! On Sunday Russ very kindly offered us a lift in their motorhome through town to Carrefour which was a nice opportunity to do a little shopping. We were invited over to theirs for drinks after dinner and had a merry old time swapping travel stories. Aren’t we lucky...

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Dec 22, 2012 - Alexandroupolis, Greece

When Thursday dawned a fine day we decided to stay another night at Batis, even though the campground itself is not particularly nice (the toilet block is the worst you can imagine). We discovered it was Armando’s birthday, so we took a walk along the beach in the afternoon while the sun shone, then after dinner we had a few celebratory drinks with our new friends. I think it turned into an “after 1am morning”! Yesterday (Friday) we negotiated a slight discount on our camp fees, due to our unhappiness with the facilities, and set off east...

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Oct 30, 2010 - Into the EU

A note that might be expanded nexr time we have a good connection. Windy and cold but not a cloud in the sky. Visit to Troy to see the horse and 9 barely discernible layers of civilisation. Ferry across the Dardanelles. Visit to ANZAC Cove and Ataturk's declaration. Across the border to Greece. Another hotel by the Aegean Sea. A great meal with Tim and Helena at a fiah restaurant on the coast.

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Trip Journal

Rallye Med 2010

May 24, 2006 - It's been a hard day's drive.

While catching buses and trains can be great - you can read entire novels or watch the scenery pass by without the worry of translating road signs - nothing compares to having your own wheels, and the extraordinary feeling of freedom they give you. There is a sense of spontaneity not possible when somebody else is in control. We really feel that sense of exhilaration in Greece more so than in other places we've driven, and we've driven everywhere, from the crazy streets of Beirut to the pot-holed roads of country Bulgaria. Wherever you are,...

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Apr 18, 2005 - Alexandriopoli

This was not like the other trains we had been on it was an all stations train that took 6 hours. Luckly I got about 4 hours sleep and we arrived at the train station about 4.40am. Into the station for a bit more sleep till the sun comes up. There were four other Australians there too heading to Turkey on the bus we will take in two days.

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