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Jun 29, 2009 - Wli Falls

Well as you can see, the internet never started working, so I sat there for about an hour, chatted with some American that coaches the soccer team for some weird college, and then went home. This weekend I ended up going to Wli Falls, which is a water fall near the village of Hohoe. We had to jump on a thousand taxis and tro-tros until we finally got there, but it was worth it. The waterfall was absolutely gorgeous, and the path to get there was awesome. It was about a 30 to 45 minute hike in this jungle (with a path) and a few bridges....

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Jun 25, 2009 - the usual

As I sit here in the internet café waiting for the internet to actually work, I’ll write another entry. Yesterday I went on outreach, and talked to kids about strokes. My job was to tell the kids to make sure they keep exercising when they’re older, or they’re going to develop something that will cause a stroke. This is probably true considering how oily all their food is, and the lack of proper veggies. Today I went back to the orthopedic hospital and massaged a woman that INSISTED I be the one to give her the massage. Rayza told me not...

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Jun 23, 2009 - first day at new hospital

Yesterday I started working at the new hospital! It was so much better to actually have something to do. I mostly shadowed the assistant PT, and then chatted with Rayza for the rest of the day. She invited me to come over for dinner this weekend. I’m pretty excited because she says she has Cuban coffee and a cafetera. After work I went with my roommate to Koforidua to take out some money (hopefully the last time I’ll need to do that). On my ride home, I was waiting in a Tro, sitting in the back seat. Some guy sat next to me and brought...

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Jun 21, 2009 - not much

Not much has happened these past few days. I’ve been taking it easy after all the traveling I just did. I’m actually really bored right now sitting in my room. I finished reading another book and need to find something new to read. Luckily my roommate has a bunch of books that I can borrow. I don’t think I’ve ever read so much in such a short time span. Anyway, I spoke to the guy that deals with my placement, and he’s trying to help me get moved to the other hospital. I had to print out my resume and will give it to the hospital tomorrow....

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Jun 16, 2009 - In Accra

I'm in Accra right now at some crappy internet cafe. I decided not to travel to Togo because it would be too expensive and not all of us could afford it. I'll write some more about my trip, but its really long and I'd rather tell you guys in person! I should be back at my place tomorrow before dinner. I think me and 2 of the volunteers are going to do some shopping at the big market here tomorrow and then go home. Miss you guys!

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Jun 11, 2009 - Elephants, baboon, antelope, and pumba

I woke up today at 6:00 to go on the Safari at 7. It was a walking safari and was supposed to last 2hours. (really only lasted 1.5) Apparently we got there 'late' because it was 7:03 according to the guide. (funny how we can't complain when our bus is 4 hours late). The safari was fun. I got to get really close to some elephants and monkeys. The antelope were hard to see because they were always running away. The warthogs on the other hand were EVERYWHERE, and they had really funny looking poop. My hotel was awesome because it's basically...

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Jun 9, 2009 - T.I.A

I have to say that I will never forget this day... So we're in Tamale and this 16 year old boy basically tagged along with us the minute we got off the bus. His name was Jason and he was amazing yet annoying at the same time. We had alot of time to kill before we could take the bus to Mole, so he helped us find stuff to do...which was nothing. We paid for taxi's to take us right back where we had started. The kid would not leave us alone, but he made sure we got good prices for food and taxi's, so we couldn't complain. At 2:00pm out bus was...

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Jun 8, 2009 - No sleep for me

I left for the National Park called Mole today. It's me and 8 other volunteers and we decided to take an STC bus (bus with A/C). We left at around 4:30pm (supposed to leave at 3)and didn't get to our destination til 8am the next day. I haven't uploaded the pictures yet, but I'll get them up later!

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Jun 5, 2009 - Basketball!

I went back to Tetteh Quarshie today and did the usual… not much. After work one of the volunteers invited us over for lunch, so I went with my roommate and we ate red red. The best part of my day was after lunch! I played basketball with some of the volunteers and a few locals. At one point it was me, this white guy, and then 4 other locals. We played 3 on 3 and Lynette you would have been very proud of me! I set a lot of picks! (although no one seemed to use them). Like a fool, I forgot to take pictures, but I’m pretty sure one of the...

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Jun 4, 2009 - A different internet cafe

I'm at the internet cafe in Koforidua. Get this, not only is it cheaper! but its faster! wooo hooo too bad it takes me an hour to get here. I'm planning a trip with a few volunteers to go to Mole (an amazing national park) and possibly to Togo and Benin for 2 weeks. If I do end up going, I wont be updating as often because I'm not sure where I'll find an internet cafe. If you begin to have withdrawals from my amazing journal entries or start becoming concerned about my well being, call my mom. I'll have my phone with me and she'll be able...

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Jun 3, 2009 - AIDS

“AIDS. Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome. This is a very serious disease that can kill you! So don’t have sex! don’t share needles! and if you HAVE to, use a condom!” And all the kids are sitting in their chairs looking back at me with blank faces… In the outreach program today I had to talk about HIV with the children at two different schools (mind you, the ages ranged from 3 to 19 years old). The nurse traveling with us told us that the kids don’t know enough about HIV and its severity, so it’s necessary to inform them now. It was...

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Jun 2, 2009 - mini cats

I have to say that I wasn’t very productive today. Work wasn’t very stimulating. I’m going to try and get some work at the other clinic with the Cuban, because I need a little more excitement in my life. After work I realized that I am running low on underwear. It’s been about a week and a half since I gave my host mom some clothes to clean, and I still haven’t gotten in back. I then decided to take things into my own hands. Can’t say I did as good of a job as mom’s washer does, but it’ll do. By the way, here’s some pictures of the...

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