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Nov 16, 2011 - Old friends

We did take the long way back to Zancudo but here we are! Opening up the house quickly took care of the musty smell. We washed some sheets and towels before using and aired out some clothes. We are told it has been a year of rain and we believe it! As I was taking clothes to the line the first morning, I heard a loud ARRUUUUUUAAA. That is Emma, our community dog, talking to us. We have been a little worried about her and really missing her. Shelly and Rey are her real parents now that they are full time residents but she loves us too, and...

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Nov 14, 2011 - Z

The wake up call came an hour early. 5:00 am. The taxi we arranged in advance wasn't at the hotel BUT, we still arrived at the bus station in time to buy a ticket and board. The bus was only 1/2 full and no blaring movies or music. NICE. We did stop a lot and the predicted 7.5 hour ride became more like 9 hours. We did have a nice lunch along the way but the bathroom stops were non existent and you wouldn't want to use the bus bathroom. Just saying! Anyway, we took about a 30 minute gas stop but we weren't allowed to get off. Finally, we...

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Nov 13, 2011 - Solid Ground

One more breakfast in the dining room then a leisurely wait before our departure time. It was raining in Colon! We had a missing piece of luggage but found it with only minor delays. We tried to 'beat the system' and rent a car. After a long walk, with LOTS of luggage (it seems to get heavier),we failed. We took a taxi to the city. Our driver had to stop by his neighborhood to give his girlfriend some money. He also stopped briefly at one of the locks but we didn't see much. We stopped by the bus station but the attendant wouldn't sell us a...

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Nov 12, 2011 - Days at Sea

We've spent our last two days at sea. We thought we might get bored with this much time on a ship. Just the opposite! I think we've learned to relax. Yep, we'd definitely consider a longer cruise. We cruised for about $30 per person per day and that included a room, more food than you need...and good food...and this time, even great entertainment. We met people from all around the world, too. That is always my favorite part! Our trivia partner, Alice, has invited us to visit her in Greece and everyone shares their favorite travel places. We...

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Nov 10, 2011 - Barbados

Again, we are in port for only ½ day. Again, a rather aggressive taxi driver wouldn’t leave us alone. We decided to walk and then we walked and walked and walked. A taxi came by and George flagged it down. Yep, the same dang driver. After lecturing us a bit more about that he told us so, he gave us a ride to the nearest beach. It wasn’t bad. I’m sure there were better beaches in other places. We enjoyed the water, the chairs, and the free drink. A towel would have been nice. We found an internet hotspot and found a hotel in Panama. We were...

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Nov 9, 2011 - Antigua

We only have ½ day here in Antigua! All of the taxis here are 15 passenger vans. It was difficult to get away from the drivers. Finally, after a visit to the local pharmacy, Jocelyn, a local driver, found us and convinced us to go with her. Since they drive on the left, I’m glad we didn’t rent a car. It was just the four of us so she gave us a private tour of the island. We spent about 3 hours just driving around the island. Due to the overcast skies and the short time in port, we decided not to spend much time at the beach. Instead we had...

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Nov 8, 2011 - There's going to be a wedding!

We had a full day here and spent a great portion of the day on the beach. Typical Caribbean so no complaints at all. We parked ourselves in a lounge chair at a very popular beach in Orient Bay where we did a lot of people watching. We accidently stumbled upon a nude beach. Nope, we didn’t join in. The most exciting part of the day was a phone call home. We talked to parents and then to Josh. Katie is engaged to Bryan and we are soooo excited! Bryan had spoken to George before we left but we were not totally surprised. We sure want to talk...

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Nov 4, 2011 - We could become accustomed to this!

Another day of exercising in the gym, reading in the sun, eating, and people-watching. People watching is always the best! Additionally, there is a reception for return cruisers, more trivia, salsa dancing, and a midnight buffet. Those don’t happen every night anymore, thank goodness. The seas are a bit calmer. I’m not thinking about how far away from land we are right now.

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Nov 3, 2011 - High Seas

We were awakened in the middle of the night with an announcement that instructed us to ignore the fire alarm sounding on Deck 10. I think it was 1 AM. We understand that ws some panic there as people began heading to the muster station. The captain made an apology announcement today but said he felt the announcement was necessary. We went right back to sleep but I guess light sleepers didn’t have that luxury. I think we woke Justin up this morning to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The connection was terrible and we didn’t hear a thing from him except...

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Nov 2, 2011 - Not Impressed

We are stopping in our first port-of-call today, the Canary Islands. We didn’t take an excursion but found a taxi driver to show us the highlights. I have to say the Canary Islands aren’t at all what we expected. It is a very large island full of industry and not so many tourists. The beaches are black sand from a volcano that is now dormant. We saw some beautiful gardens and old streets and buildings. George and Rey drank water from what they hope is the ‘Fountain of Youth’. We were never sure. We asked Angel, our taxi driver, to drop us...

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Nov 1, 2011 - People watching-always!

After a shorter walk (sore feet), we attempted to eat oatmeal and fruit in the buffet but for some reason it was overly crowded. We left our food there and headed to the dining room. What a nice surprise! Great food—egg white omlettes—and interesting people. One man from TN, was traveling with his 84 year old mother. He said he’d taken her on 14 cruises in the last few years. Until then, she had never left the US and now she has seen the world. He doesn’t want to bring her wheel chair so when she gets tired, he has her sit down on her...

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Oct 31, 2011 - Adjusting to life onboard!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We sailed by the Rock of Gibraltar today. It looks just like I imagined. Very cool! I didn’t expect all of the city/suburbs around though. I guess I just wanted a big rock all alone there extending into the ocean. The African coast of Morocco was visible on the other side. I understand we have now officially left the Mediterranean and passed into the Atlantic. The boat is quite rocky as a result. Oh boy, I’m a little apprehensive of what is to come. Time to get back to reality—healthier eating and more exercise. We had a...

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