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Apr 5, 2011 - Bucaramanga [2] - Colombia

April 5, 2011 I left Taganga two days ago at 9am. Hell it was hot. I rode for only three hours. At 12 noon it was hades. I had to drive through Santa Marta and find my way to the highway leading to Bogota. Yep! Goin’ home. The terrain and situation reminded me of Sinaloa state, Mexico. Heat hot heat. Reverend Horton Heat – ha ha ha. Yeah, my mind is/was melting. I stopped after only three hours. I wanted to stay at Aracataca, Colombia. It’s nothing in the book about this village but I know that this is where Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born....

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Mar 21, 2011 - Bucaramanga - Colombia

March 20, 2011 Today I drove to Buaramanga. I was going to get an MRI here but I’ll wait until I get home. I’ll be there in a month and I’ll probably get the results sooner anyway. The radiologists in Canada don’t like lookinthat charts from other countries. There was a bike stink when I sent shit from Guatemala. The Guatemalan machine was newer and the scan to twice as long. A lot more in depth. When I got here I was told of a biker ralle so I went. It wasn’t as big as the one in Mexico that I went to BUT I still road Electra – fully...

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Sep 5, 2006 - San Gil and Barichara

San Gil is supposed to be the place to go to for outdoor adventure type stuff. Well, that consisted of horse riding (yes please) and white water rafting (no chance). 9 hours by bus from Bogotá, was the end of my endurance for being sat on my bum in an unconfortable seat designed for shorter people. That's the thing, in the UK I'm short, here at 5`4¨ I'm tall. Can't buy clothes and have to buy mens shoes! Here the size of my feet are considered freakish... well at least I could go to Miami and feel like a super model! Anyway, back to San...

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Jul 20, 2005 - Colombia - Giron

From Bucaramanga, we took a side trip to Giron, yes another restored colonial town with the usual white-washed houses, cobble streets and slave built stone bridges. We will soon be able to go on Mastermind with the Specalist Subject of "Colonial Cities of Colombia"!!

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Jul 20, 2005 - Colombia - Bucaramanga

We travel onto Burcaramanga, our last stop in Colombia - this is just an average busy city but famed for its cigars and 'hormiga culonas'. It has to be said that compared to some South American countries, Colombia has been a bit gastronomically challenged...but then compared to Argentina where wouldn't?! However, as challenged as it is, we are not sure that it was really necessary to sample the hormigas...crispy giant ants...but for the purposes of research...we did...and suffice to say they are probably an aquired taste...but do not...

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Nov 18, 2004 - Bucuramanga

I finally got my passport and headed for Colombia. In the bus at Cucuta after crossing the border at 6am, I met a lovely woman from Bucuramanga and she invited me to her place . I of course went with her and she turned out to be quite the popular lady at the Buisiness person`s club in town. After lunch with her friends, we headed to the club for an afternoon of cards- very swish, but of course I was able to fit in with them as I myself am very posh. I didn`t win anything, but only lost a very small amount, so that turned out pretty well....

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