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Jan 23, 2011 - Providencia

Nu är vi tillbaka från Providencia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Providencia_Island en ö i Karibien som var precis allt jag hoppats på. Den bästa maten jag provat hittills i Colombia fanns där, billig hemlagad mat som kan tävla med vilken flott restaurang som helst. Jag har aldrig varit förtjust i krabba men där åt jag krabba nästan varje dag, riktigt gott. Världens tredje största korallrev och fantastiskt vatten att dyka i. Trevligt folk som i resten av Colombia men ett extra plus var att de flesta pratade engelska, ön ligger nära Jamaica...

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Oct 18, 2009 - Isla de San Andres

Wanting some more beach time before heading south into the inland and cooler weather, we hopped on a plane Thursday to Isla de San Andres. The island belongs to Colombia but it wactually situated north of Panama and to the east of Nicaragua. Only 13km long and 3km wide, it is definitely the most isolated place I have been to in my entire life. Our first afternoon here we got off the plane and WALKED into town, it only took about ten minutes to find a dozen or so little hotels, all within blocks of the beach. The water here is amazingly...

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Mar 12, 2009 - Isla Providencia, Columbia

3/12/09 Isla Providencia, Columbia Sailing into the lovely harbor of Povidencia we were greeted by some incredible countryside. Beautiful turquoise waters, lovely hills and lots of colorful flowers. We understand that Captain Morgan (of pirate and rum fame) had hidden out here and thus, the mountain one sees upon direct approach into the bay is called “Morgan’s Ass” because of... well....the resemblance… well…. to a large crack… and overlooking the bay is a large rock whose profile must look like someone… because that rock is known as...

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Mar 8, 2009 - Motorcyles everywhere!

We've been having a ball in lovely San Andres and never tire of seeing the busy community going about their business on scooters and motorcycles. There are clearly more cycles than autos and these Columbians know no limits when it comes to the creative ways to transport people and supplies by motorbikes. They even have motorcycle "taxis"... and they can carry one or two passengers - plus the driver! So we started counting the number of family memebers that could be squeezed on bikes... including whatever else needed to be carried......

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Mar 7, 2009 - San Andres Island Tour

March 7, 2009 San Andres is a lovely Caribbean island, situated just a couple of hundred miles due east of the coast of Nicaragua, but somehow belongs to the distant South American country of Columbia. Colombian tourists just love the islands of San Andres and her sleepy sister, Isla Providencia, as they are only a two hour flight from their mainland. They are often described as the Columbian's "Hawaii". The sea is described as having “seven shades of turquoise” in San Andres Island, plus the beaches consist of fine white sand and the...

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Mar 6, 2009 - Thanks, Dave Kinghorn!!!

Our dear friend, Dave Kinghorn, arrived on 3/6/09 at the San Andres Airport and we were absolutely delighted to see him and have him aboard. He arrived with an "open ended" ticket and would come to stay and travel with us for about a month. (more on all those adventures later!) Not only is he a longtime, very close friend of Paul's, but he is a stellar boat guest (yes, he cleans the head and does the dishes!), a wonderful, humorous and entertaining companion, and a most competent crew member as well. In addition to schlepping down the...

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Mar 1, 2009 - Isla San Andres, Columbia

2-28-09 San Andres, Columbia Well, we have arrived safely in San Andres, Columbia. Our passage was fine... 43 hours, close reach to beam reach, winds mostly 15 kts all the way to 25 and 30’s with periods of even stronger winds. The seas were mostly 6 to 9 feet, gradually calming to 4 to 6 feet. We were a screaming machine, probably averaging 6.5 kts, but lots of time at 7's all the way to a whopping 8.3 kts!!! Mostly with little sail - 80% jib and 50% main, and at night when the winds piped up, we had to reduce/trim further to slow us...

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