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Oct 6, 2005 - Ipiales

After a night in Tulcan brandon received a knock on the door while i was eating breakfast and having the normal two cups of coffe next door....unfortunately to brandons suprise it wasn`t me returning from my meal but some kind of task force linked to drug smuggling...apparently they searched through all of his panniers on the bikes and made him unload everything from his backpack...i arrived right as they were leaving to stuff thrown about all over the place....they didn`t even want to check El Toro as they probably were a little scared now...

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Whe're in America

Sep 10, 2005 - Rat on a stick

Probably the first of many Terry Pratchett references. Well here I am in the Colombian border town of Los Ipiales. Strangest first impression was where are all the guns? None of the ubiquitous tooled up security guards I have come to associate with South America. Actually it seems only the army and police here have guns, and they have big ones and hide behind sandbags. Generally a bit shabbier than Ecuador, but the people possibly even nicer and easy going, though there are a few more scary looking people around than I have been used to....

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Jun 9, 2005 - Colombia - Las Lajas

A visit to the Santuario de Las Lagas proved interesting. A neo-gothic church built on a bridge spanning a gorge with the rock face serving as an altar. Lots of thank you plaques adorn the area in gratitude for miracles affected by the Señora de Las Lajas from the many pilgrims who come here. I wonder if she can do anything for my (Shar's) dengue fever?!

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Dec 3, 2004 - Ipiales

The long day just broken up with a quick visit to Las Lajas before the arduous border crossing. After Popayan, the roads was bordered with the most spectacular scenery ever. The roads are up on the cliffs and the river below is at least two kilometres down. I think I must have overcome my fear of cliff roads through all thse mountain passes and the crazy COlombian driving. The Puente/ catherderal was pretty spectacular, but the hill was very daunting and the taxi driver wouldn`t wait for me, so I had to cart my backpack( the big one) down...

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