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Aug 22, 2009 - Colombia: Lost City Trek

Two days later and we were on the five day Lost City trek, an Indiana Jones style trek deep into the sweaty jungle. Why were chose to go on another trek after not loving the last one we haven’t quite worked out! The first day was grueling, four hours up steep hills in 30+ degree weather (we´re not used to this anymore) and I had a high fever and sore throat. Very happy when the day was over, we retired to our hammocks, never having slept in one before, and spent half the night burning up with a fever and shaking. On the second day after...

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Aug 22, 2009 - Colombia: Tayrona National Park

After the Lost City it was time to relax so we headed to Tayrona National Pak for a week of chilling out on the beach. Beautiful beach, although certainly would have been nicer if the food wasn’t so overpriced, less people and the tents weren’t so hot and sweaty! Oh well, can’t have it all :) Best of all was the women who came to the beach each day with hot freshly cooked cakes, the tastiest I´ve eaten. If only the rum was delivered in the same way!!

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