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Mar 24, 2006 - Leticia, Colombia

After six days aboard we arrived in Tabatinga, Brazil, where I caught a kombi across the border into Leticia, Colombia. Alex and I were boarding a water taxi up the Amazon to Parque Nacional Amacayacu, 75 km upstream from Leticia, when an American guy started chatting with us and promptly asked if we would like to stay at his farm, located only a few minutes by motorized canoe from the Park. Head-hunter, DEA, CIA, a narco, the anti-Christ. Phil Gonzalez is all of these things and non to the inhabitants of the Southern Colombian Amazon....

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Sam Guevara '05-'06

Aug 13, 2005 - Coffee in Colombia....

It is so nice to be able to walk around in a nice temperature. We went to the docks to find out about boats to Iquitos in Peru. We asked about 10 people and got 10 different answers, but most of them said yes there was a boat today but the times varied. We were told to go to Santa Rosa on the Peruvian side and get a boat from there but the boat wouldn't leave until 7pm. We had the whole day to do something so we decided to go for a coffee in Colombia! We had to get the 'motor boys' to take us to the border then change and get some colombian...

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Gemma's RTW trip

Nov 20, 2004 - Colombia - The Triple Frontier

Picture this ... You're hiking through the jungles of Colombia, following a machete-swinging local guide. It's very hot and very humid and you're constantly swatting at mosquitoes. You've stopped to visit a family in one indigenous village. As you talk, the wife is mashing boiled yucca, a local food staple resembling potato, from which she's going to make homemade beer. She and other family members are wearing clothes that are so faded and threadbare from countless wash and wear that they resemble something you'd throw out rather than use...

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Oct 1, 2004 - Leticia & National Park Amacayacu

Here I am on the triple frontier - Colombia, Brasil and Peru. I flew into Leticia from Bogota and have booked a spot on board the Nim Mamoel Monteiro II leaving Monday for four days in my hammock floating down the Amazon River to Manaus. With two days to kill I headed to the local national park Amacayacu on the banks of the Amazon for two nights in the jungle. The park is a different amazon experience from the Cuyabena reserve in Ecuador, the park is very close to human settlement and the signs of human influence are everywhere. The park...

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