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Aug 24, 2015 - Exploring Tibetan country between Gansu and Sichuan

While the camping left quite a bit to be desired, a big advantage of taking an overland truck was that we got well off the beaten path and explored a variety of small towns. Often we were the only Westerners we saw all day, which was particularly interesting at holy mountain sights and other cute touristy towns like Songpan that have long been discovered by Chinese tourists. Right on the border of Sichuan and Gansu, the town of Langmusi was quite interesting in that it is dominated by a Buddhist monastery but has a large Muslim population....

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May 1, 2010 - May day

The next day the others went on a trip to a UNESCO world heritage site. Forests, turquoise lakes and waterfalls. We meet Troy and Kate in the street and wander around Songpan taking in the sites – fresh markets were a majority of very good quality and well presented vegetabes. An on the spot butcher and fish mongers, heaps of herbs and nostril dilating spices and such. Also blacksmiths, gate makers and welders, stove makers, cobblers, silversmith, bicycle repair and the usual clothing shops and stalls. No overt pressure from the...

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Apr 30, 2010 - A visit to casualty

We don’t arise until midday – a much needed rest after our last couple of days. Jenny taps lightly on the door to enquire about David’s health. As he is still suffering headaches she makes a few phone calls and it is off to casualty at the Songpan hospital in a pedal cart driven by a 60 year old. There is a small crowd at the entrance, Jenny thankfully does all the talking and after paying 3 Yuan and getting an admission slip its off to the Doctor. In her 3m x 3m room, along with every other patient awaiting consultation. At one stage there...

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Apr 29, 2010 - A quick descent

I rouse Jenny as early as I can. David is clearly suffering altitude sickness and is not improving with time. The only solution is to get him to a lower altitude as soon as possible. In 20 minutes Jenny arranges for a taxi to take us to Songpan our next stop at 2800 metres and three hours away. She also arranges for pillows full of oxygen to assist David during the trip. The total cost 470 Yuan – about 80 Australian Dollars. Our driver takes his duties very seriously. He drives relatively slowly and with great care at the same time chanting...

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Mar 25, 2008 - Bread and Potatoes

Un trek a cheval dans le Sichuan ca va comme suit: Jour 1 - Se rendre (en vie) jusqu'a Songpan, une vieille ville fortifiee nichee au coeur des montagnes. 10 heures dans les montagnes russes - non, chinoises, faut revoir nos valeurs la-dessus. Nous partons a l'aube avec deux moines boudhistes, quelques tibetains et sept touristes occidentaux (deux jeunes danoises fragiles, un irlandais ... irlandais, un gars-de-Singapour (on cherche encore son nom), et trois quebecois (mais oui nous avons trouve un compatriote!) ); un equipage qui nous...

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May 23, 2007 - Chengdu - Songpan

9 hours bus ride into the mountains... Travel day to climb 2500 metre to reach the ancient mountain town of Songpan. The bus ride was all right in total but after nine hours in the overheated vehicle we were glad to arrive. On our way we got stuck in traffic jams twice and we once again got frustrated with the Chinese queuing attitude. Instead of forming a line they try to pass wherever possible to jump a few places in the queu. They do not even hesitate to follow passing by police cars... The scenery was not nvery nice in nthe beginning....

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