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Oct 23, 2016 - Shanghai

12 hours and 43 minutes later we touch down in Shanghai after a flight over the top of the world. The new mapping app on the personal entertainment screens on the Dreamliner have opened the world. You can choose a cockpit or either side window view of a simulated google maps image of the landscape as well as an overlay of the flight details including attitude of the aircraft! However, after a few (complimentary) drinks, it was an effort to prop up the eyelids with even the cocktail stirsticks! Disembarkation of the fully booked flight was...

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Aug 23, 2016 - Shanghai, Chine

Lien à l'album photo en ligne - Link to the online photo album: https://goo.gl/photos/rAVQdd2USn26dq4f8 Nous avons laissé la grandiose nature de Zhangjiajie avec un train de 19 hrs pour Shanghai. Pour ce trajet, aucun compartiment privé pour 4 passagers de disponible. On s'embarque donc en "sleeper" de 6 passagers sans porte et faisons un bon voyage avec de gentils chinois avec qui on partage au moins douze repas Ramen...(pas de pierre aux reins encore). On est surpris par l'excellente qualité du Hostel choisi en plein quartier The Bund à...

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Jun 2, 2016 - Last month in Shanghai

dc toujours quelques mois en arrière, au depart de Shanghai. Un mois intense en activités et en emotion... Qu'il est difficile de partir... mais si nous ne partions pas, nous ne vivrions pas tous ces moments si intensément. Farewell et/ou anniv des enfants, soirees en tout genre avec les amis, Disney Shanghai avant ouverture officielle, pearl market, fabric market, concession française, vite vite, courrons après le temps. Le temps est devenu trop court, les journées passent trop vites, nous n'aurons pas le temps... Jusqu'au bout, nous en...

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Apr 9, 2016 - Shanghai

Have had a great day in this great city first up this morning went searching for a church for Sunday mass. Had two options one the cathedral or a St Peters. Both in the same general direction. My first find was a Citi bank atm have been having a bit of trouble with their card but was able to withdraw and get a balance slip so so far so good. Next Maccas for breakfast passable as I left Maccas saw a tourist information bureau have had little success in the past but went in. Girl there spoke perfect English and was very helpful. Found the...

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Europe BY RAIL 2012

Mar 1, 2016 - March

Le mois de mars a ete plutot charge! Beauty and the Beast representation, debut des entrainements de Forbisia pour Bahia (compet sportive inter Bristish school d'Asie), semaine caractere book (science fiction), semaine internationale (photos dans une autre entree), soiree pub quizz (autre entree), compet de Gym,jour "people from the past", confection du chapeau de paques pour Marin, visite de la pearl tower pour l'anniv d'Aloe... Et Virg qui se demandait ce qu'elle ferait de ses we sans Vinz pour occuper les enfants...

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Jan 4, 2016 - Bonne année

Alors oui c'est vrai, selon notre calendrier nous sommes en retard pour vous souhaiter la bonne année. Mais grace a la Chine nous avons une seconde chance avec le calendrier chinois. Nous quittons bientôt l année de la chèvre pour entrer dans l année du singe. Ca promet!

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Oct 26, 2015 - Shanghai

I was up early this morning so took the opportunity to take a wander around the old Chinese area around the hotel. Outside the hotel I came across a group of track suit clad ladies gently dancing in formation to Chinese music coming from a small amplifier. They may have been the nurses from a hospital across the road. The local area was full of life and I enjoyed exploring the narrow streets with all the shops, little restaurants & food stalls all doing good business. One notable point of interest was that people did their cloth washing on...

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Jul 27, 2015 - Settling In

July 27: Settling In Shipboard life for the next five days will have a loose and flexible schedule. Tai Chi at 7 followed by breakfast; then lounging, viewing, lunch, afternoon of lecture, lesson, viewing, touring; followed by cocktail hour, dinner and entertainment. Cruising Having departed Wuhong at 7:30 last night, we awoke to a constant parade of working barges filled with coal and other ores and bundles of what looks to be paper. We’ve learned that the reeds along this part of the Yangtze are turned into the greater part of all the...

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Jul 26, 2015 - Ancient China-The Cliff Notes

Ancient China-the Cliff Notes China’s cultural and political history emerged through a succession of royal dynasties beginning with the Xia (21st to 16th centuries BC). It was followed by the Shang (16th-11th centuries BC), Zhou (1121-221BC), Qin (221-206 BC), Han (until 220 AD), Three –dis-unified- Kingdoms (until 265 AD), Sui (265-618 AD), Tang (618-907), Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (50 years of disunity)… Song (960 AD—Genghis Khan) Yuan (1279—Kublai Khan & Marco Polo; Dadu [Beijing] established as capital; opened China to...

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Jul 25, 2015 - Shanghai City

Long day! Breakfast at 6 (still working on our time adjustment); day's tour began at 8:00; dinner at 6; acrobatic performance at 7:30; back to hotel at 9:30. Facts: population is 24 million small city until 1942 Observation: High rises, low rises EVERYWHERE! Shanghai City Tour took us to Yu Garden in the middle of the city, which was 5000 acres at one point, until the mid-1800's when a change in political leadership reduced it to 5000 acres. A son though built for his father an amazing traditional Chinese enclave that includes water,...

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Jul 24, 2015 - Shanghai

This morning: 3:15 wake up; 4:00 pick-up; 6:00 flight from BWI to Toronto. Four hour layover; bless the Star Alliance Gold card that gave us access to a great lounge. Thirteen hour flight to Shanghai; bless all Gary's United miles that are still paying the dividend of business class. Stretched out and slept some. Arrived on time. Viking River Cruise staff was there as we exited immigration and customs (total of 10 minutes to get thru). Hour ride to center city Shanghai. Quick nap and cigar (guess who did what); dinner in the hotel tasting...

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Jun 23, 2015 - BBQ chez les Chamarre

Une journee bien sympa entre amis Le genre de journée ou vous êtes invites pour un dej et a minuit, vous y êtes encore: les boulets! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A beautiful day with friends Kind of day, where you have been invited for a lunch and at 12am, you are still there!

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