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Mar 7, 2013 - Cochrane again

Exhaustion has set in after a fast 9 km trek along undulating paths very steep at times. No other tourists ...the place was all ours, desolate and spectacular river views. Surprisingly few birds and animals but millions of mosquitoes in places. We spied a type of woodpecker but it failed to wait for Graham to organise the right lens for his camera. (It was the very loud whispers from the assembled non-photographers that was the problem (Gr) Will spend the rest of afternoon having a quiet time in our hotel. It is huge and we are the only...

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Mar 6, 2013 - Return to Cochrane

Staying in a remote outback Chilean town after another long journey which entailed less dust as it rained overnight.. Found only bar in town to try their piscos! Awaiting photo downloads. ************************************************************************************************************************ Met up with Mauro and went back to carpark at Tortel. Fortunately, the road (and van) were not as dusty as it had rained. Returned to Cochrane in sunshine and had lunch at small resto. Walked out into the local hills just N of town...

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Feb 11, 2011 - First couple of days in Chile, getting to Ruta 7

We left Puerto Deseado and crossed the desert to Chile Chico and then Camped at the boarder at a small little town called Antigua. It was hot and windy, surprise. The wind was down a bit so it was hotter than normal, in the low 90's. We did see some guanacos and a bunch of Rheas. The climate was rather dry and so the thorn scrub plants were rather short and sparse compared to our drive further north. Paco is cranking, we are averaging about 60mph, and on the straight a ways almost 70. I did get the oil changed before we left Puerto Deseado....

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Dec 14, 2010 - Cochrane

Bus came at 11:15 and when it arr there was just enuf space for 7 of us waiting! Whew! Fabulous scenery...really bummed that my camcorder is not working on computers so I can download/offload pics. Mari and Bon both take some but not from bus. Lakes and rivers are a deep blue to light aqua color, mtns mostly forested by 2nd growth it looks like, and many snowcapped...even glaciers. So beautiful it's hard to describe and even pics don't do justice. Guanacos we see, and puma - don't see - did not even see many birds perhaps because it is our...

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Jan 22, 2006 - Cerro Tamango

Da ich also früher als geplant wieder in Cochrane war verwendete ich das Wochenende vor der Weiterfahrt nach Villa O'Higgins um eine Rundwanderung in der Reserva Nacional Tamango nordöstlich von Cochrane zu unternehmen. Das gute daran war, dass der Parkeingang nur vier resp. sechs Kilometer entfernt war, sprich problemlos zu Fuss erreichbar ist. Abgesehen vom mittleren Abschnitt mit seinen vielen Baumleichen (infolge eines Waldbrandes) durchwanderte ich viel schönen Wald und ein paar kleine Seen. Die höchsten Punkte der Reserva waren der...

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Jan 20, 2006 - Trekking zum Basislager am San Lorenzo

Bevor der Bus nach Cochrane am darauf folgenden Tag (Freitag, der 13. Januar) um die Mittagszeit aus Coyhaique kam schaute ich mich noch kurz in den kleinen Lädelchen um, welche zwar nur eine verständlicherweise bescheidene Auswahl an Lebensmittel zur Auswahl hatten - es hatte, was es gerade hatte – aber dafür konnte man dort auch telefonieren und Internet sollte es auch haben, welches ich jedoch nicht ausprobiert hatte. Wie eigentlich nicht anders zu erwarten war der Bus bereits ziemlich voll, was auch auf die Gepäckstauräume zutraf....

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