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Jul 9, 2018 - Top of Lake Superior

I saw a bear run into the woods about 5 minutes into my drive this morning! It looked young, so I wonder if a sibling and mother were ahead of it. Then the drive was up and down and around with a few construction spots around bridges. I stopped for my first gas with half a tank, like I usually do, but this cost me $250 Canadian dollars! The price per liter was 149.9 which I think means $1.499 per liter and there are about 4 liters per gallon! I think it will get more expensive as I travel West and I know that the western states have...

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Aug 7, 2014 - Terrace Bay, Ontario Canada

Today we drove 162 miles to Neys Provincial Park in Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada. The ride was beautiful. Lake Superior was most always to our right. Sometimes we would break over a hill and the view was spectacular of the water. Too bad the day was hazy. There were times that we would drive thru these large red vertical rock cuts. Some of the red rocks had cream colored swirls running horizontal. The next thing we knew we were driving though wooded pine forests but we still could see Lake Superior to our right. At one point we were right...

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Aug 7, 2014 - Terrace Bay, Ontario

On Thursday we drove to Terrace Bay, Ontario. We stayed at Neys Provincial Park. This was just a resting place on the way to Wawa. The scenery along the way was beautiful with rocks and views of the lake. We have a dash cam so I have posted a few of the photos that we caught with it. The park was nice but we were scattered in different places. The wagon master and Clarence and I were in a place with no hookups. I was a little concerned about bears so we took Trip out together and made lots of noise. The group all got together and shared...

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Jul 25, 2012 - Terrace Bay

Day Thirty Five – July 25 Terrace Bay 115k This was a most enjoyable day; it had a bit of everything in it. It had long uphills with the flipside of what goes up must come down. There was headwind and tailwind. There was rain and mist; not much sunshine except at the end of the day. I rode with a group; I rode alone. What was with this day? There were things to see. There were ditches to look into. And it all started with a wonderful sunrise. I had to get up early to get breakfast started. Chrisp was already up and had the water going....

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Trip Journal

Checking the ditches

Jul 27, 2011 - Terrace Bay

July 27 – Day 36 – Nipigon – Terrace Bay K’s 111 k Time 5h 27m Average speed: 20.36 k/H T to d 3627 k As forecast this rather short ride day was a bit of a challenge. Since we knew this we decide or rather I decided I needed an early second breakfast. So at the 5 k mark after leaving camp we stopped at a little Greek café and I had two of the largest pancakes I have ever seen. Then it was on to the hills! The day had a weather forecast for light head winds and light rain to add to the challenge. We did get the head winds but only a...

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Jul 17, 2011 - Cloudy, hazy and the temperature is 64

We arrived at our third stop - The Imperial Motel. Imperial may be a slight over-statement. It is two story motel in FRONT of an ESSO gas station. Reports of previous customers indicate that the Italian Restaurant downstairs is very good. Because we are traveling with Poko (who tends to bark when left as he has "separation anxiety") Hoppy is ordering take out for tonight. The drive up from Michigan was beautiful. We stopped at Wawa, where a friend has a cabin about 20 miles east. The cabin next door is for sale - two bedroom, with indoor...

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Jul 7, 2010 - Fog

Today we awoke to fog and lots of it, we couldn't see the lake. As we drove we went above the fog. In the valleys the fog looked for all the world like clouds in a mixing bowl. In Canada the signs that warn of moose crossing show a moose charging not merely standing still.

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Jul 25, 2008 - 35 Terrace Bay ON

This was the first day with "north of Superior" climbing. It was supposed to be a short day with an expectation of a relatively early arrival at camp. However after second breakfast at Gravel River, I turned down Mountain Bay Road to see if I could find where my boy hood school mate, Jimmy Z., was building a lake house. His brother had told me the approximate location yesterday. He and his wife arrived about 30 seconds after I did, so we spent several hours chatting. As a result when I added in a stop in Rossport to find the great food on...

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Jul 29, 2006 - Day 36 Nipigon to Terrace Bay

Day 36 Nipigon to Terrace Bay 109.23 km 113 planned 4 hr 55 minutes 22.2 kph total time 6 hrs. Cool morning - many had their leg warmers - everyone was in their jackets - cool wind from Lake Superior effect . About 10 degrees in the morning & warmed to about 18 in the afternoon. My feet in my biking sandals were too cool most of the day. After Nipigon we got a good view looking back at the town and a interpretation plaque of the history Out of Terrace Bay we followed hwy 17 along Lake Superior - an area of very significant Canadian...

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Jun 27, 2006 - Terrace Bay, ON

We packed up again and started toward our next major destination, Sault St. Marie, MI. Our stop for the evening was at Terrace Bay, ON. Our neighboring campers here were very friendly people. They were Ontario natives and they were on their way home from vacationing in Alaska. They had spent the past 6 weeks traveling to and from Alaska. This was their fourth trip up there. They highly recommended the trip. At this stop we encountered our first battle with mosquitoes & bugs (black flies). We had never heard of black flies, but later found...

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