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Aug 29, 2018 - Duluth, MN to Rossport, ONT

August 29, 2018 Woke up to a lovely cool (60 degrees) morning and beautiful view of Duluth. We decided we would drive to Rossport where Karen said the Rainbow Falls Provincial Park was very nice. It is over 300 miles which will make it an early (8:45am) travel day. Did take advantage of the wonderful Fairfield Hotel showers! We had not realized what a wonderful lakefront walk there was in Duluth and almost lamented not staying another day. We are taking the northern Lake Superior Circle Tour that starts in Duluth on MN 61. The two lane...

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Aug 17, 2018 - Rainbow Falls Campground, Ontario

August 15th Today is a continuation of the beautiful drive along the shore of Lake Superior. It is bright clear day with not a cloud in sight. I have been looking forward to stopping at Katheryn Cove one of the most picturesque spots along this section of highway. The water is blue green not unlike the ocean and the beach is soft sand right out into the cove. We were here early enough that there was only one other couple on the beach. I had not planned to wade in the water but it was so clear and inviting and when I stuck my foot in it was...

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Jun 20, 2017 - Fort William to Rossport

A most interesting, unusual & sometimes scary day. I was a bit late leaving because I watched some of the Queen’s Club tennis, then headed east on the Trans Canada Highway along the shore of Lake Superior. I stopped at a few of the lookouts & after about 60 km took a 22 km side trip to Ouimet Canyon & that’s when the scary part began. I saw a black bear on the side of the road & as there was no other traffic, I stopped. He was quite unperturbed & stayed there while I opened the window & took a bunch of photos, even coming towards me to get...

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Jul 4, 2014 - Rossport, ON - Thunder Bay & the North Coast

(Ron Writing) The weather was beautiful again this morning and we spent most of it touring the Port Arthur area of Thunder Bay. The harbors of the adjoining towns of Fort William and Port Arthur were both important ports on Lake Superior since the late 1800’s when, together, they became the world’s largest grain shipping port. In 1970 the two towns combined to form the city of Thunder Bay. The Port Arthur area is undergoing a sort of revival with the addition of parks and tourist facilities on the waterfront similar to what Duluth, MN has...

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Aug 24, 2013 - Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Beautiful drive across the north shore of Lake Superior. Stayed at the Rossport Campground right on the lake. It is a part of Rainbow Falls Provincial Park. The other campground is further east on the highway and that is where the falls are. Very close to the lake. Could hear the waves and see the lake from the trailer.

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Jul 23, 2008 - Ignace to Rossport, Ontario

We didn’t put in too many miles today as there were lots of road construction delays and we stopped at Kakabeka Falls for lunch and a hike. The Kakabeka Falls are awesome – sometimes referred to as the Niagara of the North. (Although that’s more than a little exaggeration.) The pups enjoyed the walk, too, and we didn’t have to worry about them getting too close to the falls as there was good fencing. At Nipigon we chose to take the ‘south route’ which will follow Lake Superior and go through Sault St. Marie. The scenery was spectacular when...

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Jul 10, 2005 - Our visit to Fort William and Some of the Most Beautiful Scenery So Far.

We woke up early and quickly packed up in the baking heat. I was dripping by the time I was done. I planned that we would stop for breakfast a little ways down the road. We found a cute rest stop to pause and intake some food. The boys had fun skipping stones while I laid out the spread. Graham thought that it would be a great place to fish. He mentioned that all the lily pads on the lake would attract the fish and although I thought he was probably right, felt that we had to travel a long ways that day if we were going to get to Toronto...

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Sep 22, 2004 - Falcon Lake - Rossport

Today was the last of the big drivers and not that much happened of interest. We stopped off at a couple of places along the way, caught up with 'real time' instead of operating on trek time and stopped at an abandoned campsite along the way (really weird place, we just needed a picnic table, but it looked like something out of the Marie Celeste). The only real bit of interest happened when our tour leader got pulled over for speeding, leading to many jokes for the rest of the day, but the best bit was when the police man, having walked...

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